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Skinless Massacres

Today is the day of tiny massacres; So before I leave my home I removed my skin;

Today is the day of tiny massacres 
So before I leave my home I removed my skin
I pilled it from my shoulders to my knees down to my toes and stepped out; a perplexing match from my ancestors of swift smotherers
I applied glue to my already tightened fist in case I never make it to hell in time
By the time I mean the noons I fade from the face of the earth so evilly that I left my stunt shadow behind
My mother gave away her strife the day I reached out for her mammary gland.
Like a space hopper, I became the grail of my ancestral earthly pains.
The night before this day I lost a bargain with the angels of lofty quest
And so before I shared the grace I communed with my grief
Nobody taught me how to envy my skin
Or write love letters to myself
I only learned I was a dolphin when I dived naked into misery Long before I knew how to swim
I've lived my days in perfect accord keeping records and soaring notch like the devil in a white suit and tie looking for suffering to buy
But today; I'll resist the urge to make love with the firmament and will not count my steps to stop them orbiting the sun
I will only pray; that whoever I lose my head to will not mistake this glitters in my eyes as a sign of one who has been loved
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