Stella Chidera 2 years ago

Smile At Last (chapter 2)

Kendra When I finally reach home I decided to come online on WhatsApp to know what was popping then I received a message from him asking me if I have reached home ☺️

I was so nervous at first but later acted bravely he was no other but a South Korean guy I have always been dreaming of having a South Korean guy as a boyfriend that will eventually lead to marriage. I was so shocked when he stopped me, but I didn't react; he came down and asked for my name and also asked me for my 11 digits. I reluctantly gave them to him. I couldn't believe that my dreams were coming to pass.

Park Ji Min

My parents have been a burden on my neck always forcing me to get married 😔 so I decided to come down to Nigeria to look for a girl. I stayed in Nigeria for over six months and could not find any reasonable girl so; I decided to move to Imo State in Nigeria as I was passing behold; I saw a light beautiful skin girl. She was walking to only God knows I decided to approach her, but something in me keeps telling me what if Yu meet her now and she snubs you I didn't listen to that voice I develop courage and went to her I asked her for her name and also asked her if we can meet up I decided to collect her mobile number so we can relate more☺️ She was so cute.

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