Smoke And Fire 1

A story about two fated lovers...All the elements were in a busy mood; the water, earth, and fire nations prepared for the arrival of the king's fair daughter smoke;

All the elements were in a busy mood, 
The water, earth, and fire nations prepared for the arrival of the king fair daughter smoke. 
It was her first outing since coming of age
So they all wanted to make a great impression 
For she was rumored to have a very painful way of making one choke and suffocate.

The day arrived 
And lady earth was the first to receive the princess. 
Princess smoke was in awe of the beautiful flowers 
And sweet-smelling fruits. 
Lady earth proudly showed her forests, 
Orchards and farms, forests, deserts, and wonderful hideouts. 

The lady earth told the princess 
That should she ever need a hiding place, 
Her trees and plants and lands were happy to hide her.
On her way to the water nation, 
Lady earth warned her,
"Beware of prince waves, 
She said quietly, he's an arrogant self-centered ruler 
Who will even go as far as overworking his subjects."

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