Smoke And Fire 1

A myth of the two fated elements...Have you ever wondered about that proverb that there is no smoke without fire?

Why are fire and water bitter enemies, and why is the earth a victim of their wrath? The air nation sat at the top of all elements; they controlled everything and judged fairly. Since they were placed in the heavens, it was easy for them to foresee the activities of others. Afu, king of the air, was a just and fair ruler who despised injustice and cruelty. The season arrived for his precious daughter, Odudu, the smoke princess, to make a grand appearance as she had come of age. The air kingdom was excited and made preparations for a great celebration. Those who worked in the palace hardly caught a glimpse of the princess, stating that she had been confined in one of the top rocky clouds where she was trained and taught the eloquence of a princess.

Other ruling nations made preparations, the earth made its trees and flowers bloom, and the animals and birds were set to present entertainment. The water nation sought out the very best corals and gemstones for the princess. The appointed day arrived, and all were in attendance. Afu couldn't contain his joy when the doors opened, and Odudu approached in a very soft ball gown made of clouds. All were in awe of the astonishing beauty; her hair was white, her eyes were grey, and her smile was enticing. The nations began to give tribute to the princess and congratulated her on coming of age. Odudu appreciated the gifts they brought. Although she was happy, she didn't really enjoy the attention she was getting, especially from Omi, the prince of water. Omi was a very handsome man with an arrogant character.

Once introduced to the princess, he never left her side, ordering servants harshly to do her bidding. She didn't like that, especially when his cousin Ane', princess of earth, tried to strike up a conversation with her. "It would be my greatest honor if you pay a visit to my kingdom, said Omi with a smirk."Of course, said Odudu, it's part of my plan" . Omi's eyes sparkled with delight; I look forward to your visit then, princess," he smiled. Odudu nodded and quickly joined a group of nymphs from the earth kingdom. Even in conversation, Odudu's mind was not at ease as she looked around for someone.'Is everything alright, my dear, her father asked kindly. Odudu smiled and hugged her father tightly; everything was fine, she sighed.

A few days later, Odudu paid a visit to the Earth kingdom and enjoyed the smell of the soil and the juicy taste of the fruits and laughed so hard at the pranks the animals and birds made. She really liked ane' whose skin shone with so much energy and life. '.. so you and Omi are cousins?!, She asked in surprise as they took a stroll in an orange orchard. Ane winced a little, 'Yes, she said wearily, then she smiled at the princess, you will be good for him, you know. Odudu's eyes widened in shock. Ane's eyes softened. I know my cousin is a brute; he took after his father in that aspect; he just needs someone at his side who can soften that bruteness."

For the rest of the stroll, neither spoke. The next visit was to the water kingdom. Odudu couldn't help but marvel at the beauty; the sands were white, and the sea animals were friendly and colorful. Omi couldn't hide his joy as he showed her around the vast kingdom. She saw another side of him; he played with the clownfish and gave an affectionate rub on the belly of a bull shark. He showed concern and offered suggestions to his council. Odudu felt perhaps what she saw at first was just a false impression.

After a wonderful dinner of sea salad cooked in a lobster stew, he escorted her to the room prepared for her. 'I'm really glad you are here, he said sincerely, looking at his feet. I hardly have company, and it gets lonely sometimes. She touched his hand; I'm happy I came. She smiled and then bid him good night. Her bedroom was beautiful with a clam for a bed and big windows that displayed the vastness of his kingdom. She took one look at the outdoors when something in the distance caught her attention. It was an array of colors: reds, orange, gold and blue. She had never seen anything so spectacular; feeling brave, she threw on a cloak and sneaked out of the palace.

Odudu didn't know what possessed her to leave the palace as she ventured further and further away towards the spot where she saw the bright flaming colors. She was about to turn back when she caught a footpath which led to an unknown place; curious, she followed and came to a huge deep crater where she saw men and a few women working. They looked tired by the looks on their faces; what worried her more were the chains on their wrists and legs. Tears welled in her eyes at this sight; why were they like this, and who were they? She looked for a way to sneak in and saw another rocky path. Crawling downwards, the heat of the fire stung her eyes, making her lose a grip and fall down.

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