Social Media Na Scam

Your coach keeps telling you the things she had achieved through social media handles mostly Facebook and LinkedIn.

"Social media has connected me with like minds," "Social media provides my money.", etcetera. Then, because you too want to get their results: you attended training, both free and paid, paid for courses, etcetera, yet no results like such. Therefore, you begin to think that social media is a scam.

Do you know why? Before I give my answer, here are five things you can achieve through social media handles, mostly Facebook and LinkedIn:

✏️ Influence

Once you become intentional on social media and you are being consistent in putting out your message, you begin to attract people to you, and you can also influence their decisions or lifestyle.

✏️ Impact: 

Social media is a platform where you can impact your world and create a change at a low cost.

✏️ Money: 

This is not quite easy, but it will after your audience knows, like, and trust you. This can only be possible by being consistent in what you are doing.

✏️ Soul winning: 

Do you know why Miracle Obia Started writing stories on Facebook? For soul winning, of course. She writes stories to fulfill her mandate. Social media can also help to spread the message of Jesus.

✏️ To prepare for opportunities:

This is another way you can prepare for the opportunities you have been praying for. By being an intentional and consistent user, you will be able to imprint yourself in people's minds. So, In case there is any available opportunity related to your niche, you will be the first person they remember.

Now, here are why you will continue to think social media is a scam:

✏️ You didn't implement all that you've learned in training or courses. 

Growth is not all about reading, paying for courses, etcetera, but it is about implementing all you've learned.

✏️ You are impatient. Good results are not a daily process; rather, it is a gradual, continuous, and consistent process.

✏️ You are distracted. Distracted by low engagements on your posts ( I am not saying high engagement is not important). 

Before you become an intentional user, you have a reason for your decision. Focus on your why and stop being distracted. Don't be among those that say social media is a scam. I am rooting for you. A better version innovates your world.

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