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The water splashes, hitting the feet and swallowing them up by the river bank, were so calm today. Mild in feeling, very soothing. The weather was grey but beautiful, sardonic too, to the stroke of sunshine from just one area of the sky. The boats sailed away, but Meghonu decided he'd rather just stay by the bank of the river. She also stood by the river too, Very dramatic personnel. She was bringing out mirrors and porcelain from the river and inspecting them; some were so finely finished, some chipped away at the sides but still good.

Each time Meghonu sat there to just watch her as she packed all those things from the water, she carried them out to the river bank and didn't speak to anyone. Assumably she was the perfect person for the job; perhaps she knew just the right spot to get them from beneath the river waters.

Each time, she left with her own boat and came back at just the same time every day. If she left in the evening, she came back in the morning at the exact same time except on rare occasions. If she left in the morning, she also came back in the evening at the exact same time. Somehow by some telepathic means, he knew that her name was 'Sonayon.'

Each time he signaled to her to say 'Good evening' or 'Good Morning,' she just looked up from her veil and said nothing, but her eyes were painful, sad, and angry at different times. But sometimes, it was one emotion or the other. Either she was carrying wares into the hut _ A thatched house of some ancient specifications that was just there and seemed to be untouched in an attempt to renovate or taken down. It was grey and dusty but solid. She carefully packed up and carried it somehow to her boat and left_ it was well arranged. Not again!

Someone had to explain to Meghonu what this dream meant. It was becoming eerie to come back again and again. Why did he think this strange ware packing woman who was either going away or coming back was 'Sonayon'? He went to consult his 'Aje' but did not tell her of his family's numerous near success syndrome. It was about the dream and the woman whose he somehow telepathically thought her name was 'Sonayon.'

After 'Meghonu' described the ordeal_ The 'Witch' told him that 40 grandmothers ago, indeed, 'Sonayon' was related to him. How? She was harshly treated after she was raped by her own father and sold away by the 'Gberefu, Vlekette means because she was not the usual child who would succumb. Her father, who happens to be a father and grandfather to the father who started your lineage, took away her son and sold her away to the white Men in exchange for mirrors and porcelain with other wares. It all made sense to him why she always packed similar stuff in his dreams.

She would pack finally and leave where her spirit was sold to if she was appeased. She came back to seek her son, whose lineage started from, and is torn between where her spirit was sold to and where she was sold from. She comes to you so that she would have justice for what was done to her. You would have to pour libations with your siblings to appease her and apologize for what your father's father ago did to her and who happens to be your father's father ago. So her name was true 'Sonayon.'

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