It was just another rainy day. Sophie had taken her brother, Jeremy, to school and was heading home. Her wet fingers gripped the umbrella firmly. She wore a tiny raincoat that had holes in it and revealed her bare body. Standing at the junction, wearing nothing underneath, Sophie was a bit worried about the way the two men by her side were watching her.

She sighed and dragged the edge of the raincoat further down her knee. This was useless as it jumped right back and hugged her smooth thighs. The men stood giggling, shamelessly ogling her curves. Sophie wished a taxi would show up on time, but none did. Soon enough, the two men left her standing there and walked away. She heaved a sigh of relief and decided to walk home instead.

She went through this corner and that corner, humming as she walked. She was holding the umbrella so low that it covered her line of sight. She didn't see the person that walked up to her and blocked her way until she bumped into him. Sophie raised her head and saw a man smiling lewdly at her. At first, she was surprised and angry, but when she realized that he was one of the men from earlier, she froze. Her grip on the umbrella loosened, and it fell to the ground, splashing muddy water on her legs.

Sophie then tried to run. She turned around and ran straight into the clutches of another man. His face donned a horrifying smile that made her limp. He grabbed her body and carried her on his shoulder. Sophie fought to free herself as they both took her to an abandoned warehouse.

* An hour later, Sophie emerged from the warehouse, looking disheveled. There was blood on her body, and her coat had been torn to pieces. She was breathing like a woman during labor, and her hands were holding a bag. She looked around to see if anyone was there and quickly dashed off to her house. The rain had started falling again, this time more heavily. Sophie made it to her house in a jiffy. She pushed herself to her bedroom and had a shower, still breathing like an overly excited puppy.

She changed her clothes and crouched at the door, shaking and mumbling. She stayed there for hours before remembering that she had to pick up her brother from school. With that realization, she stood up slowly and walked out of the room. *"Big sis, Big sis!" Her six-year-old brother called out enthusiastically.

They had just gotten back, and he was squatting by the table in the living room, sniffing at the bag Sophie had dropped there. Sophie came out of the kitchen and saw her brother peering suspiciously at the bag. "What is it?" she asked, wondering why he had such an expression on his face. "Is this what I think it is?" he inquired, pointing at the bag. Sophie smiled and went over to him. She patted his head and crouched beside him; then she proceeded to open the big nylon bag.*The sweet stench of blood greeted the two werewolves. Sophie pulled out an arm and held it for her brother to see.

"You won't believe how I got this," She said with a smirk on her lips. "How?" Her brother's eyes sparkled with curiosity. Sophie chuckled. "Let's just say some people couldn't resist my feminine charm." "So, you see, you have to eat well so you can grow and become a strong and powerful werewolf. Feeding then wouldn't be very hard for you. You know I can't take care of you forever." She explained, patting his head fondly. She picked up the bag containing the torn flesh of her two abusers and headed to the kitchen. Just when she got to the door, she stopped and turned around.

"I know you are really hungry, so go upstairs, take a shower and change out of that uniform; then you can come down to chow with me. "She grinned widely, displaying her bloody dentals. Jeremy jumped in excitement and hurriedly ran up the stairs.

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