Spill It Out!

The sin series...“Spill it out!” Raina said looking at a beaming Shruti. “Ma'am, I am losing my mind here.”

"Okay. When Hansa said that a day before his death Jignesh thought of meeting Akshay and Amisha after years of not being in contact, it sure must be triggered by something. When I looked at the call records, he spoke to only one number apart from his family members. And that belonged to Shantanu Inamdar, a lawyer." "A lawyer?" Rohan asked. "Why is a lawyer calling up Jignesh Patel?" "Because lawyer Shantanu wanted to reach out to Aditya and Amisha, and he didn't know where to find them." "And he knew Jignesh Patel? I am confused." "Yep. I was confused too, but now everything fits." Shruti said, smiling. "Let's go!" "Where?" "To talk to our killer." Sitting in the same familiar room, Shruti smiled at the person sitting opposite her. "Yes, officer, how can I help you again?" "By talking about your family, Mr. Akshay Ruia." "My family?"

"Yes. Everyone knows how much you have done for this company. You took over your father's business when you were just 21! And you have made this such a successful venture. Quite a feat." "Thank you. All credit goes to my team." "I am sure. I heard you also have a twin sister?" "Yes. I do." Akshay replied. His face was stern. "Can I meet her too?" Shruti asked, smiling. Akshay squinted his eyes and picked up the receiver. "Aahana, can you come in?" A minute later, a tall, well-dressed woman in high stilettos came inside. "You called bhai?" She asked Akshay. "Yes. We did. Miss Aahana?" Shruti Asked. "Yes." "Miss Aahana, I loved your stilettos! I love the clicking sound it makes." Raina said. "That's odd. But thanks." "Officer Ravindran, if you don't mind, we both are due at a meeting if you could…?" Akshay said. "Oh right… But I think you would need to cancel them today. We have some important questions which only you can answer." "And that is?" "Your mother passed away 20 years ago, right?" "That's your important question?" "Believe me; it gets better. Doesn't it, guys?" She asked Rohan and Raina. They nodded.

Akshay looked at her and cleared his throat. "Yes." "Before her death, she used to run the company because your dad was never around. Am I right?" "Yes." Akshay bit his lip. "He worked in another city." "And then after her sudden death, your dad came back and ran the company reluctantly." "It was actually my maternal grandfather's company. Dad didn't really like running a business, but he did it to support us after mom died." "I am sure. Then when you grew up, you worked hard and got this company to where it is now." "Yes." "You must have been devastated when your dad passed away six months before?" "Of course." "But I am sure, like 100 percent sure, that you would have been more devastated to learn that your father didn't divide the wealth, technically the wealth for which you worked hard for 14 years, between two people, that is, your sister and yourself but two more people. Two more people who were of the same age as you."

Akshay gulped hard. Aahana looked away. "Where did you get this information?" "Aah... I have my ways. Yes or no?" "I don't owe you any more answers…." "Aah, you do. Especially when one of those people was your murdered neighbor?" "Aahana, call our lawyer…." Akshay turned to Aahana. "Mr. Shantanu Inamdar? He will be here soon, don't worry. I already called him. So Akshay, You still haven't answered my question. Your father, Mr. Ajay Ruia, left a huge amount of this abundant wealth to his other two kids, Aditya and Amisha. That must have hurt, right? The betrayal?" "They were not his kids!" Akshay shouted when Shruti mentioned it again. Sitting in the interrogation room, Akshay sat with a grim face toll a moment before, and Aahana sat holding his hand beside him. "Really? But the will says they were." Shruti took out a carefully folded paper and opened it. "Here it is. And lastly, my estate, blah blah blah. It will be divided between my four kids. Akshay, Aahana, Aditya, and Amisha. Signed at the bottom is Mr. Ajay A Ruia. Seriously, what was his fixation with the letter A? He named all his kids with the initial A." "Even his father was named with A. Guess it's a tradition." Rohan pointed out. "Oh yes, it must be a family thing," Raina answered. "Those two were never family!" Akshay shouted. Shruti smiled. "They are just the results of the sins my dad committed!" Akshay closed his eyes. Aahana held his hands. "When my dad passed away and after the customary one month when I got the will in my hands, what do I see?

I see that the company that I built with my sweat and determination is suddenly someone else's! Growing up, he was never a good father. He beat up my mom and us. We were always scared of him. He made our life hell. My mom led a troubled life. When she passed away, he suddenly he… he was everywhere. We hated it so much. He never liked the idea of running a business. But he had to because now everything was in his name. He did it for six years before I took over. You are right! I made this company and got it till here where it stands now. How can I give it to his illegitimate kids? He not only betrayed my mother, but he also betrayed us. All the time, my mom thought he was working outside, but he was merely building up another family! He betrayed us when he was alive and now even after he was dead." "Why did you kill Aditya? He had as much hatred for his father as much as you have now. He wouldn't have taken anything that belonged to you." "People are not like you, officer. Not everyone might think like that. Our wealth is not in lakhs; it's in crores. Crores of my hard-earned money. I would never ever give it to anyone, come what may." "So you first hired a detective to know about Aditya and Amisha?"

"Yes. They will just have names and the address, which turned out to be the old ones. I sent a trusted office employee and got the present addresses from the neighbors. I then gave it to the detective. But meanwhile, my stupid lawyer traced down Jignesh Patel and told him about the whole matter. I didn't realize till I saw Jignesh talk to Aditya in the video that the detective had sent me. I wanted to finish that guy off then and there, and as if God had listened to me, the guy passed away the next day. Thankfully my lawyer didn't give away our company name or anything, so there was no way Aditya and Amisha could trace us." "That day, we planned it out. No one would get a share in what is rightfully ours." Aahana said. "We planned on getting close to them, knowing them and their routine and…." "And then kill them because you valued money over people." Akshay shrugged. "So you took an apartment above his apartment, and you?" Raina asked Aahana. "I became her gym friend. I would talk to her only in the gym. She was a tough nut to crack. She didn't even give me her number. But I was trying." "But Aditya was emotional. Especially the way he was treated by Shikha, gelling with him was a piece of cake. We planned on looking for a perfect time to finish them off together. We didn't want to rush it." "What happened on Thursday?" "I was home alone when the bell rang..." Akshay started to say. Thursday, Akshay went over to open the door to find the contractor. "You?" he asked. "Who gave you the address? "Sir, please give me back my job. I was not stealing that item. I was merely keeping it in the store room." "Really? You want me to believe that?" "Sir, please. I have a big family back home. Please."

"I can't help you." Aditya came down the stairs from the terrace just then. "Hey! Is there a problem, Akshay?" Aditya asked. "No. Just…." "Sir, please. I will forever be indebted to you. My father worked for you and Ajay sir till he was alive. Please, sir. My whole family would be indebted to you." "Yadav, go from here." Aditya stood behind the guy. "Sir, please. My brother works for Zomato, but it doesn't pay much. I am their only hope, and I promise I won't ever touch anything. The Ruia house will be done up beautifully just as you expected…." "Ruia?" Aditya asked as he stood still behind Kishan Yadav. Akshay shouted at Yadav. "Get lost. Now! One more word, and I will complain to the police." Aditya climbed down the stairs and hurried to his apartment. Akshay ran behind him. Kishan Yadav stood there as the person he came to talk to left him without an answer.

"Open the door, Aditya. I need to speak to you." Akshay banged on the door of Aditya's house. Aditya opened the door. "What is it? Are you that legitimate son of my dead father, right? Ruia?" "Can I come in?" "Why?" "I need to talk." Akshay pushed his way in and closed the door. "Where is Shikha?" "She has gone to some party. Seriously what are you doing here? Do you want to be friends with your father's illegitimate children? Huh?" "No. I would never want that!" "Then what the hell are you doing here?" Aditya asked, his mind boggled. And then, in a split second, he realized something.

"Wait a minute. Is this about the will money?" Akshay stopped in his tracks. "Yes." "Oh! I see. So all this friendship is to brainwash me to get my hands off that money? How much is it?" "You won't get that money." "Oh really? You have no idea how much I have endured while growing up. Ajay Ruia was a monster. He made my mother and my sister's life hell. We hated him so much that I hated to have his name associated with mine. And now, after enduring so much, I should be repaid with money, shouldn't I?" "Not when that money is mine! You didn't even exist for us till three months before! If Ajay Ruia was a monster for you, he wasn't a Saint to us. He was just as bad, and now I have to give up my hard-earned money to his other children? Don't know in what gutter he found your mother…." "You!" Aditya punched Akshay hard in the stomach.

Akshay growled in pain and gave a fitting punch to Aditya. They both threw themselves over each other all over the house. Akshay pinned Aditya to the bed and punched him hard in the stomach. After a few more, Aditya fell unconscious. That's when Akshay glanced at the knife on the kitchen counter. He grabbed it and stabbed him repeatedly. A minute later, he looked around and wiped his face. That's when he heard a knock on the door. His hands and face were sweating; he opened the door to find Amisha. His hands shivered as she smiled at him. "Uhm, is Aditya there?" She asked. "No. He has gone out. Who…Who are you?" "I am his… his… sister. I wanted to meet him. Who are you?" "I am Shikha's friend. Do… do you want me to give him a message?" "No. That's okay. I will call him." Amisha left, and Akshay closed the door. Akshay called up Aahana. "There has been a problem. It happened today without any plan. I got him. Go to Amisha's house. I am coming there. Yes now! She was here. We have to do it now." He cut the call and wiped the knife with his handkerchief. He then glanced at the whole house. After checking, he closed the door behind him. 30 minutes later, Aahana stood outside Amisha's house and rang the bell. Amisha opened the door. "Hey. What…. What are you doing here?" "I was visiting a friend, saw you entering this apartment, though I should say Hi." "Oh. Nice." "Can I come in?" "Actually, I am in the middle of something." "That's okay. I will just take a minute." Aahana said and invited herself in. 5 minutes later, Akshay rang the bell making sure no one saw him. Aahana let him in. Amisha was already dead by then.


"All this for money? How did you not realize that you both won't even get to spend the money you killed for when you go to jail!" Shruti asked. "Oh, please. Do you think I won't come out after a few days? Rich people don't go to jail, ma'am." "They do when I file a charge sheet, sir!" "Please. Even god wanted us to make this happen. That fellow who could have been a witness to see Aditya and me together died in an accident. Jignesh's uncle died before he could blabber more about us. It was meant to be." Akshay said with a smirk on his face. "And what if you killed them both too to pave your path?" Raina asked. "Prove it," Aahana said, crossing her arms. Shruti shrugged. "Arrest them," she said and left the room. "And I will make sure you don't get out because of your money." She found Sameer in her cabin. "So you caught the killer, huh?" He asked. "Yep. You found your Shikha?" "Yes.

Just got a call. She moved back to Nashik." "Hmmm…" "She repents the way she treated Aditya. She told me how he was always gullible, and she just wanted to teach him to man up. Guess she went overboard." "Do you know Aditya endured a lot when he was a kid? His father beat him, his sister, and his mother mercilessly. Maybe that's why Aditya grew up that way. That's what violence does to a child's development." "You are right." "Your friend may not be the killer here, but she is an equal culprit. Domestic violence doesn't happen to just women. It happens to men too. And if I had known this woman before, she would be rotting in jail now." "Shruti…" "Wow. You finally got my name right!" Sameer smiled. "Can we start over? I mean… you know how I feel, and I know how you feel…" "We should rather not." "Why? Shruti, it was years ago. I have apologized for it a long time back. I didn't think straight. And I am sorry I made you go through that. But you need to know; that I am a changed man. You yourself said you have feelings for me." "Sameer…" "Shruti. It's been a long. That abortion was a mistake. I should not have forced you for it. I was young and stupid. I am sorry. Please forgive me. We need to work this out." "Sometimes a relationship is better when they are not together. Just let us be as it is." "But…" "Good day Sameer," Shruti said and walked out of the cabin when her cellphone buzzed. "Hello?" She spoke into the phone and smiled. "Mumma is coming home, baby. Just 10 minutes." She said and cut the call.

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