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It’s so alarming how people especially youths want God to use them but are not ready to be used!

We attend programs, scream and cry our eyes out to show how desperate we want God to use us… God is not deaf; he hears your voice, sees how desperate you are, and has answered your prayers, but the issue still remains that “God is ready to use you, but you are not ready to be used. “I want to be like that man of God; I want to be like that woman of God. When that minstrel sings, he vomits fire. I want to covet this grace (You are always wishing to be like 1,000 people at the same time), but you are not ready to go through the process; all you want is his product. You can’t skip the process and get a result because every product must pass through a process.

If there is anyone reading this article, Everyone has an assignment committed into their hands by God, and he wants to see how efficiently we are doing this assignment and how productive we have been in doing the assignment before he now rewards us with a greater assignment. We truly want to be used by God, I mean in a big way! We all want to be seen and heard, we all want to be famous, but it’s all about timing. The little God has committed in your hands, how are you maximizing it?

How are you motivating God to give you something better? When you fail in the little assignment God has given you, he won’t commit a greater one into your hands.

Abandoning your gifts makes you unproductive and will also affect your generation because the destiny of many lives lies in your hands (learn from the parable of the talent). What you don’t invest in won’t multiply. Why am I writing this? God is counting on us to be effective in our assignments. He wants us to be productive.

He doesn’t want us to waste resources because the survival of many lives is attached to our purpose. He wants to commit greater works into our hands so we can be fulfilled.

God is helping us!

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