Spiritual Parenting

Any patenting strategy that has no spiritual plan will collapse... It takes a spiritual parent to be an intentional parent. Read๐Ÿ‘‡

Dear Parents,

O be though Spiritual๐Ÿ”ฅ During this holiday, one of the things we decided to teach generals is more life skills. We came up with nine characters of a good king. In our home, we operate with the template of the kingdom. So, we speak the language of kings and queens. Generals and Daddies are referred to as kings, while mummy and Pure are referred to as queens.

With this, whenever we want to discuss with them, we remind them who they are, "kings" in charge of 3 kingdoms. When we start teaching them about the nine characteristics of a good king, we intend to instill those skills in them at this early stage and also to help them apply and demonstrate them in their daily activities.ย 

Those nine characteristics of a good king are; love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, and goodness. You should be familiar with those qualities, right? 9 Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Gal.5:22. We lifted it and tagged it the nine characters of a good king. Yes, we used it for training, and I also discovered that you could also tag them the nine qualities of intentional parents.

Since we started using those nine characters, a lot has changed in their behaviors. We didn't only learn it, but we now use it as our daily strategy to teach them life skills.

For example, We told them that self-control is when you see someone eating something, and instead of you to be looking at the person, you just do it as if you didn't see that person and go your way. Or, if daddy/ mummy buys something, even if it is for them that they should wait until daddy gives it to them. They should not take anything unless it's given to them. So, this evening daddy bought a biscuit for me actually, and that was the only biscuit at home. I carried my biscuit with my drink; I was expecting them to cluster around as usual. But no, they were just playing though they saw me eating biscuits, none of them came closer. Though they were eyeing me in their hearts ooo, they didn't act it.

Haaaa! Are these generals? I asked. I maintained my posture to make sure that they saw me eating my stuff. Yet no movement; that was when I suspected something. The teaching was absorbed and stored. Immediately I called them to come and take biscuits; you need to see run๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Oh Goodness! They collected the biscuits, and general Praise then asked me this question, "Mummy did we control ourselves ?" For Real? That was when it was done on me that they were practicing the self-control that we taught them. Wonders!

We also used cardboard paper to make a drawing of a tree that contained all the nine fruit. Also, five qualities of a controlled life; we lifted that one from their daily milk devotional book. It was one of the topics that were treated in early August, so we decided to add it to explain more to them who a self-control person is. Because of the skill you must teach your kids early in life is self-control. If not, they will put you into trouble one day.ย 

They have mastered all of them, so anytime they act, we shoot using any of them that resonates with that crime committed.๐Ÿ˜. My method now is "NO YELLING," but I have structures that I am using to achieve that. If not, you will be frustrated. There is a need for you to have structure when it comes to parenting. It will help you to know WHAT your target is and HOW you plan to achieve it. Life skills are one of the things that will determine how far your children will go in life, not academics or material things you buy for them. Kids that are well equipped with life skills know how to handle life problems without being frustrated. I will be having another challenge for parents soon, tagged " No Yelling challenge," with just 20 serious-minded parents for one month. But you will pay a token to show you are serious. We would work with a template, structures, and practical tools....look out for it.

Do you see that nine fruit of the Holy Spirit? It's a full package you need in parenting. Suppose you will have time to use it to illustrate the daily things they do and how they can be applied. You will be amazed at your result. We used gentleness to curtail their noise-making and running around. I just shared this because I know it can help someone here too. Gal. 5:22 is a complete package for parenting, both for you and your child.

Thank you & remain blessed.โค

ยฉFavour Uchendu

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