Stay Away From Minors

When chatting with a girl, please do well to ask about her age. 😏 Yes, very important...

If she didn't tell you, I would suggest you stop chatting with her. Except you know, and it is obvious that she's an adult. But if not, for your own good, mind what you text them. There's absolutely nothing two strangers of the opposite gender want to talk about on social media, if not friendship, relationship, partnership, or business.

If it's the last two, there will be no need for age but if it is the first two, ask and make sure what she says is true. Cos I know some may lie about it. Teenage girls, listen too. As a minor, if a guy is sexting you, you should tell him you are not comfortable with such, and if he continues, block him.

The problem now is some of these minors enjoy such things. They will want to play along to see how it ends. And the guy too, as ode wey en be, base on, say- any girl you meet, you will want to have sex with her, he will continue.

The next thing will be to come to my place or meet me in a hotel.

© King Damian

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