Stay Away From These 12 Unhealthy Habits Affecting Your Physical Health

Be healthy to be wealthy. Quit these habits immediately for better healthy living...Let me start by saying that real health is real wealth! Additionally, health must not come from medication but from our lifestyle and daily habits.

This is why we can't underestimate the power of little habits. They have 'made' people and have also ruined people. In our day-to-day life, here are some negative habits that should be completely avoided in order to keep us healthy;

1) Staying Close to people who smoke: Now, even though we have established that smoking is not good for the health but do you know that it isn't any better when you are close to such people/environment? This is because the smoke from the cigarettes combines with the atmospheric air and forms a compound that you inhale. So while the smokers inhale just the smoke directly, the person/people around inhale the smoke that has already been mixed, which is more complex.

2). Eating without drinking water: Many take this habit for granted. We can't get over emphasis the importance of water, particularly when it comes to digestion. After any meal, it is advisable to drink at least a cup of water to avoid partial digestion or indigestion.

3) Spending so much on the screen: I know a lot of people in this generation are guilty of this. Be it phone, laptop or tv, always try to take a break after long hours on the screen. This is to avoid straining your eyes.

4) Skipping Breakfast/Morning meals; As we all know, breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. No matter how little, don't skip it. It is required for productivity

5) Not exercising regularly: I wish I could show you how important, regular exercise is. Little wonder you see everyone, including young and old and engaging in it. Have you noticed that young ladies these days are now taking it seriously? Well, the healthiness of the whole body can be summarised in exercise.

6) Eating Late at Night: I was guilty of this before, but not now. I can tell you that this is a very unhealthy habit. You're simply aiding indigestion. For those who are aiming to lose weight and flatten their stomach, you shouldn't be fond of this

7) Not waiting for food to digest before doing an activity: How would you just finish consuming heavy food and immediately rich to play ball without relaxing for a while? Little wonder you're always quick to make use of the restroom

8) Not taking your bath immediately after sweating: This is how body odor is formed. After an intense exercise that led to profuse sweating yet, you come back and refuse to take a shower. Some will allow the sweat to dry in their body, and it will start oozing.

9) Not brushing at Night: Try to practice this as often as you can for good dental health

10) Always Feeding on Junks: Please note that junks are not real food; therefore, you can't substitute them for food. There is nothing wrong with eating such but still ensure you eat a complete meal which is considered as food.

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