Steps To Manage Your Emotions To Find Inner Peace

Always Take That Deep Breath: There’s a reason a rejuvenating yoga practice always includes a lot of deep breathing; large inhalations and long, slow, complete exhalations help to calm the mind and increase feelings of joy.

When you’re feeling less than your best, try sitting quietly in a soothing location and just bask in the rhythm of your breath. Did you know deep breathing is a natural painkiller? It releases endorphins, similar to brisk exercise, and helps to promote good blood flow. Taking slow, steady, and intentional deep breaths benefits not only your body but also your mind; a five-minute session counting your breaths helps you take a step back and review any current challenges with wisdom and grace instead of as a hothead.

Be in charge of your life: Rather than allowing the pieces of life to fall in place where they may, you have the opportunity to grasp control of your life and turn it into the one you want to lead. This begins with finding the power within to accomplish what you put your mind to; your inner power is the essence of who you really are. Harnessing this strength can help you overcome negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behavior. There are many times in life when we can allow the opinions of others and the expectations of society to define us.

A strong Inner Power is What you need: Whether it’s pressure to go to the right college, get married, or find a fulfilling career, having a strong inner power and sense of self can help you make the right decisions and not be influenced by others. Called “I Can Do It” power, you will find that the inner power you find is your closest friend who can reassure you, comfort you, and give you the strength needed to enter the world like a force of nature.

Never blame yourself for anything: The pain of the past, the scars can reopen at any time and remind us of intense hurts we’ve had to live through. Holding onto blame for what has happened to us is human nature; forgiveness is what sets us apart and allows us to break free from the prison of emotions we’re trapped in.

Learn to forgive and forget: Holding a grudge against a person may feel like you’re getting revenge, in some way, for what they’ve done to you. But thinking about the past and hating someone means you are giving them a constant presence in your thoughts, a constant drain on your energy reserves; this is no way to foster inner peace.

A lifelong process, forgiveness doesn’t mean we have to forget what has happened to us, but we instead can rise above it and release ourselves from pain and suffering. Instead of looking for instant results and relief, accept that forgiveness is like a dull ache that will fade over time, a scar that you will learn to live with.

Have trust in yourself: There are many ways to release yourself from negative emotions and calm the fears within; we just need to trust ourselves that we are worthy of happiness and deserve to live each day with appreciation, love, and light. I know you are strong enough to choose positivity, and I encourage you to be the best self you can be. 

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