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The cradle of all beginning from chaos, So faceless through a void; Despite all the odds;

The cradle of all beginning from chaos
So faceless through a void.
Despite all the odds
The dreams of these people are bold
Blunt, unequivocal, and pungent
It worries me much, my fellow also
Call me names
Am saying this,
For the incessant bellicose words of my fellows
I know I wander much but still
Am a bird of passage, soon I would flew,
They have belabour this falsehood,
Which the hold on me, to belie my good gestures
I raise this, on fixation of approbius treaty.
The eagle eyes the have on me isn't enough
Unclad the make me look before my fellows
With a singles story that we all are
Gentlemen on a highway
These till hitherto left me
Still dusting the shambles
That I had no past but my past,
They destroyed.

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