Stolen Daylight

A young lady who was blinded by her emotions, only to be betrayed, beaten and battered from the shocking reality of living a lie

"It was all a make-believe the whole time, and I couldn't see it even though it was clear" Tobi was a young woman of average height and was the only child of her mum. Her Dad died when she was just two years old, and since then, her mum has catered for her well-being. Tobi worked as a front desk staff at Crystine oil and gas industry. Her monthly income was just average enough to pay the bills and support her mum. She was contented, yet she had big dreams she was determined to achieve.

It was a rainy Monday morning, and Tobi was all set for work. She bordered a tricycle to work; it was a 45minutes distance. However, she had to drop at a bus stop and take another tricycle straight off to her office premises. "Oh my goodness, I left my purse at home!" She was so blank for a few seconds, just looking at the driver, who was already getting agitated while expecting his money. It was still raining, and she was already getting soaked in the rain. She was already on the verge of apologizing for her inability to pay when a young man came to her rescue. He had observed the situation and didn't hesitate to come in. "I'll pay for her; how much is your money?" He said with such poise and kindness. Tobi was stunned by the young man's actions. The driver was already upset, and he quickly told him she was supposed to pay 400naira, which the good stranger handed over to him, and then the tricycle zoomed off.

"My name is Kayode; I'm so sorry for the entire situation." Tobi couldn't bring her thoughts together, so she just nodded her head with a faint smile on her face. Kayode had an umbrella over his head; he was willing to share it with her since she was almost drenched. They both walked to her office, and then he bid her goodbye. Tobi was finally able to speak, and she said, " Thank you, Mr. Kayode." When he heard her voice, his heart skipped because it sounded like his mum's, silky and eloquent. "I finally get to hear you speak!" Tobi smiled like a little girl who was offered candy. "I'm so sorry I was all silent on our way; I was still wondering how I left my purse at home. My name is Oluwatobi, and thanks again, Mr. Kayode". Kayode smiled at her and said it was not a problem; he confessed he was glad to have been there to help. So she bid him goodbye and went into her office while Kayode watched her for a while before he left.

Two days passed, and every time Tobi stopped at her office area, she took a few seconds to look around for any sight of the young man that helped her when she needed it. And every time, she gets disappointed. Two weeks passed, and she kept looking until she finally gave up hope of seeing him again. " For just that one time, I felt I had found a great friend; there was something truly special about him." While she was still in her thoughts, she heard her name, and the voice sounded yet kind and composed. Tobi turned to see who she was already expecting to see. "Mr. Kayode, good morning, sir," she said with a large chunk of a smile on her face; it was already getting too much; she had to pinch herself and returned all the smiles to minimal. " How are you doing today, Oluwatobi?" he said lovingly, making Tobi smile uncontrollably and immediately go back to her normal official yet welcoming countenance, "I am very well, thank you, sir."

Kayode explained how he had to travel for two weeks to see his parents; his Dad had been feeling so sick and was admitted to the hospital. Tobi felt so sorry and asked if he was getting better, but Kayode said there were honestly no signs of recovery yet. Kayode didn't hesitate any longer, " Would you be willing to go out for dinner tonight?". Tobi was mute for some seconds and stuttered, "yes sir, we can do dinner." Kayode was pleased by her response, so he politely asked where he could pick her up. Tobi gave him her home address and phone number so it would be easy to reach her. Kayode thanked her and said he had to leave now and he was going to call her when he came around. Tobi waved goodbye, and this time, it was she who stood to watch him as he left; after then, she walked into her office.

Tobi couldn't just wait for the evening; she was hoping the day would be faster than it should have been. She thought about the dress to pick, the color of lipstick she would wear, and what pair of shoes to blend; she was all excited but yet wondered why she felt scared and unsettled inside. It felt like the happiness was mixed with unease, but she didn't want to waste any more time; she just had to look her best for the evening.

It was 6:00 pm when Kayode called her to say he was at her gate waiting for her. She quickly rushed out with her purse, and suddenly both eyes met. Kayode was dazzled by what was before him. Tobi looked like an angel in red with a touch of golden yellow. Kayode was pleased with what he saw and didn't fail to tell her how beautiful she looked. Tobi blushed incessantly at Kayode's gracious comments.

It was a beautiful evening for Tobi and Kayode, and they couldn't stop laughing and teasing each other. It was the first date, but it felt as though they'd been friends forever. Tobi thought they were just the perfect match. Kayode gave her background history of himself, his family, and his job. He was the only son of his parents, and he had five sisters. He worked as a marine engineer and a Sunday school teacher and was financially stable. Tobi was pleased with all she had heard about the young man. She liked that he had everything going on for him and was also a Church kind of man. It was just perfect for her.

Three months after being friends, Kayode confessed that he loved Tobi and wanted to take their friendship to the next level. He asked Tobi that they both get into a romantic relationship with marriage in view, and Tobi gave him a resounding Yes! she felt so happy but kept feeling uneasy about the whole thing. She convinced herself that it was because of how her past relationship broke her and was just afraid that Kayode was too good to be true.

Tobi introduced Kayode to her mum a month after they got into a relationship, although she has been talking about Kayode with her mum, and all she had to say was "Lo akoko rẹ," meaning, "take your time." She understood what her mum was getting at, but she couldn't resist the happiness that came with being together with Kayode; even though she felt uneasy, she overlooked it. 2 months later, Kayode popped the big question, " The first day I met you, I felt like I've known you all my life and that is reason enough to make you my wife, you are the missing part of me, Oluwatobi, will you marry me?"

Tobi was thrilled with his request and agreed to be married to Kayode. Wedding preparations were up and going. Tobi's best friends, Dayo and Kemi, came to assist her with all she needed; Dayo was made of honor. Tobi felt like the happiest woman that ever lived and couldn't wait to begin forever with Kayode. It was two weeks to the wedding; Kayode was to make a short trip home and finalize some family preparations as regards his wedding, his parents were in full support of their union, but his Dad was worried for Tobi. "You still haven't told her the truth, right?" Kayode's father urged. Kayode nodded and said, "she doesn't have to know till after the wedding."

What could Kayode possibly be hiding from Tobi? Families and friends were gathered in the church for the holy matrimony of Oluwayobi and Kayode. Guests from every corner of Ile Ife and Osogbo were fully present in their number. Vows were exchanged, and Tobi and Kayode were pronounced Husband and wife. The couple looked so happy and in love; everyone was happy and gave them their best wishes and prayers.

A month after the wedding, Tobi and Kayode were home on a Friday evening when their doorbell rang; Tobi quickly got up to check as they both weren't expecting visitors. Tobi opened the door and what met her eyes was a young woman with two kids. Tobi thought they had missed their way and asked her who she was looking for; the lady said with all confidence, "I am here to see K, call him out here for me, or should I let myself in?" and then she rolled her eyes at Tobi. Still confused and thinking the lady was insane, she politely said to her, "Madam, there's no K here; maybe you want to look elsewhere." Immediately after she said that, the lady landed a slap on Tobi's face and started to scream Kayode's name; it was a noisy situation, so Kayode rushed out to see who was yelling. To his greatest surprise, it was his wife!

" Kayode, you left the kids and me? how could you be so wicked, after all the sacrifices I made for you and your family, yet you paid me back with pain and disgrace". Tobi couldn't believe what she was hearing; she was still in shock when the young lady said to Kayode while looking at Tobi. "Is she the woman who stole my place as your wife?"

Tobi didn't know what to say; it felt like she was having a nightmare that she just couldn't wait to wake up from. "You have a wife and children?" Tobi asked with a teary vision, her voice cold and lower pitch. Kayode was speechless and asked the children to come in with their mum. Tobi was even more shocked when she saw how her "Mr. Perfect husband" welcomed the strange woman and her kids. Kayode apologized to the children and their mum for not reaching out to them for so long. Tobi screamed at him, "Kayode! Do you care to explain to me what exactly is going on here?". Kayode said coldly, " This is Amaka, my first wife, and my daughters; they'll be leaving with us now."

Tobi didn't believe it was the same man she fell in love with that had changed to be emotionless and deceitful. She was about to get into the worst days of her married life.

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