Strange Democracy

This is a poem that depict how horrible life here is presently.

What misfortune has 
fallen upon our homeland?
There is insecurity
What a strange democracy this is!
human worships human 
and the awkward activities 
of unworthy people are going on. 

It seems to me that 
everything has changed, 
lamps are put out, darkness spreads.
The infidels are bombing 
the poor from every side;
each moment thousands 
dies with the poison of poverty.

We were trapped in difficulties 
from the top to the bottom;
someone has ruined the 
few golden lines of our book,
ruined the red-lipped smiles of youth
and damaged the leaves of our green trees.
No place is safe
Not even the church 
nor the mosque.
Everywhere is now 
a hideout for evil doers
Farmers abandoned their green lands
Hiding inside holes like a crab.

Like the nightingale, 
we keep the melody of grief in our hearts
They were busy making themselves 
While together we can make the world.
When will we gather together?
perfume the air and turn it to spring.
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