Stubborn Child...who Is To Blame?

Stubbornness can be inherited too. There is always something influencing that child that is highly stubborn. Check them out✍️

𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙢𝙮 𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙙 𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙩𝙪𝙗𝙗𝙤𝙧𝙣. Check out these points first...

✅ Stubbornness can be inherited; are you a stubborn parent? Check well, oooo, your child might take after you. And you know, that child will double it, your own and his or her own. 

✅ What environment are you raising that child in? The environment has a way of influencing children at the formative age of training if care is not taken. If the environment is dominated by stubborn influencers, it can contribute to your kid's Stubbornness, especially if they are exposed to those influencers.

✅ What kind of movies and cartoons do your kids watch? Have you ever gotten to see what they watch to know if it contributes to their attitude or let them just watch? If your kids feed their minds with all manner of cartoons that promotes fights, and violence, my dear, I don't know what you want to make, I tell you now. But the truth is, whatever kids watch or feed their eyes with also contributes to their certain behavior. Be careful, and set boundaries for your kid's safety

✅ lastly, who are your kid's friends? Every child, even as small as two years, has someone with whom those spirits go together. Sometimes you will always hear them talking about that person just for you to ask them about their friends. But some of us are busy not listening. Let me talk more about this friendship...

When my two generals were 2 & 4 years of age, they started talking about their friends, very serious conversation to the extent that they would tell you what their friends were that day. I have to come in immediately; I started by frequently asking them about their friends and what they love about them. They will be glad to download it. Good enough, during graduation, I met with a general Praise friend called Emma, even the mother of the little boy. As I engaged him during a conversation, I noticed that the boy was very smart, organized, and supper neat from my observation. I remember him telling me once that the boy writes and teaches things in their class; that might be what attracted him because that is what he loves doing too. I had time to speak with two of them that day when he brought him to me as his friend. Hmmm!

I was glad to see the level of openness, maturity, and trust he displayed by showing me his friend. When I later met the child's mother, she screamed! That she has wanted to meet this Praise that her son will come back to tell her how Praise will do this and that in the class and so on. She said that his son stopped her from helping him to do assignments just because Praise told him that he could do his assignment on his own. That she even encouraged him to keep friends that are intelligent like that.

How many of your child's friends do you know? Oh! Do you think it doesn't matter? That is the foundation of the matter we are talking about. If you don't care about their friends at this early stage, they will assume that anybody can be called friends. No matter what, your child's friends have a level of influence on them.

Also, start early to prepare them too to be good friends to others too. Your child can't give what he/ she doesn't have, and because they possess certain values and culture, they will always look out for those people around them that possess the same qualities. Whether you like it or not, your children will have friends ooooohhhhh. Start early to be involved; let them trust you at that level, and they will be proud to introduce their friends without you forcing them or asking them.

Just start by asking them whenever they come back from school; how was their day at school, their teacher, what they learned at school, and then whether their friends were at school that day. You will see the level of excitement on their faces knowing that you care about their friends. If all that I listed is cleared out and you still notice that your child is still stubborn, then reach out to me and let me tell you what to do.

Thank you ✍️

©Favour Uchendu.

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