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Emphasis the need to look like you. Some years ago, this decimal point was well-positioned slightly above the bridge of my nose. It was mistaken to be an eye pencil mark. It became the envy of many. They thought I planned to command attention with that. Since I was much younger, it was considered unhealthy for that season of my life.

I had only attempted to send packing the acne that visited my forehead, then the scar happened. How it had to be on that strategic spot made me agree that blessings come in disguise. At least, a natural eye pencil mark at a unique spot would save me the concern of having to do it myself--I was not a fan of that, though.

One beautiful morning, I was sent to buy stuff--I guess bread was part of it, my siblings and I were in the tea-drinking ministry then. The lady who sold those items to me asked a question along the lines of why did you use eye pencil this early. I was completely in limbo when those words fell on the drum of my ear. On getting home, I sought the opinion of my mirror--one of the sincere allies I had back then. The response was both thrilling and thought-engaging. My scratch-and-win game on my face earned me a black spot that is rather beautiful. One person would pray that it remains.

Many years have gone by, and quite a lot of things have evolved with the fleeting of moments. In a time when we are at the peak of advancement in technology, and a lot of things have gone digital. Photography, communication, learning, the native doctors now consult their gods through Zoom or Skype--I wonder how spirits buy data. It is rather frustrating to be the only history in the present. A close look at how photography has advanced will make anyone believe that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made--I come in peace, I shake notable.

Yet these wouldn't have been appreciated back then, especially those times I had my beautiful black spot on--it was not a bother at all. Permit me to believe that a studio picture poses a danger in this social media age. I do not plan to sound like I will protest with a placard when a photographer oversteps the bounds of pictorial propriety on editing my pictures. I just want to relay that there are features on our faces that have become signatures and should not be tampered with.

Did I make any sense? I just felt like doing a random piece anyways.

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