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Stuffs That Matters

Ndidi marched into the laundry house compound. As she pressed one of the emotion buttons, the angry face emoji on the door continuously, her best friend muttered to her, "Please take it easy with the emotion button." 45 MINUTES AGO...

Oga Arthur had just finished a month-end meeting with his staff, where he advised them to keep up with the good work in promoting the laundry business. He congratulated a staff that went the extra mile to bring in ten new customers for the month. "And here's a little too for your effort," he said, handing one of her the money after paying each staff his salary.

2 HOURS LATER, BEHIND THE LAUNDRY HOUSE 🏡..."Who does Chinwendu think she is? She's not even up to three months, and Oga is already dashing her money," Funmi fumed while spray-starching some customer's senator clothes. "Haba, aunty, calm down, nah. You and I know very well that she deserves it. What have you been doing except visiting your boyfriend when Oga isn't around?" Jide sneered. "Oga! Oga! Respect yourself. No, try me for this place ooo. Just maintain your lane. No dey chuk mouth for wetin no concern you."

"Ashawo! Ashawo! Fabian started clapping, splashing laundry foam on Funmi's face."Na who you dey call Ashawo beggi beggi?" Funmi hissed. "Shebi na you wey dey beg customers to leave change for you? Abi I dey lie?" She held her hand akimbo. Titi and Nonso just stood at the reception window and watched in wonder the drama unfold before them. They didn't hear Okon, the gateman, announcing from the intercom that Madam Ndidi was storming into the compound holding a white iron burnt blouse.

"Efribodi maram dey come! Na who burn maram dress rai dis? Una dey hear me so? He announced again. THREE HOURS AGO... "Are you blind?! Can't you see I'm walking this way?! So in this broad daylight, you cannot see abi?! And why are you wearing a sunshade when there's no sun?" Ndidi hollered at the young man. "Kilode gan? I said I'm sorry, nah. It's too early for this insult abeg. If you cannot accept my apology, then there's nothing I can do again." "Eh_" Ndidi started to say.

"Ndidi, please, it's okay; let's just go to the laundry house and sort things out. You can save your anger for Oga Arthur," her best friend advised, restraining her from carrying any crazy thoughts in her head. "Wait, let Oga come back. I'll report him to you," Fabian said as he was being pulled back by Chinwendu. "You see? Se ti ri bayi? I knew there was something going on between you two. Shebi, you've started sleeping with him," Funmi fired.

And then, the camel's back was broken as Chinwendu and Fumi started exchanging words behind the laundry office. The gateman kept announcing. The receptionists kept watching. Jide and Fabian kept separating and fighting. At the same time, Ndidi kept pressing the angry button on the entrance door.

Dear reader, welcome to Oga Arthur's laundry.

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