Success From Birth

Do you work to be successful, or just assume you are successful from birth?

The Man Who Loves Walking, Will Go Further Than the Man Who Loves the Destination. Ebuka and Lillian got married very early. They were one of the wretched couples in the village and some villagers attributed this to their young marriage. When Lillian took in their first baby, Ebuka decided to find a solution to their poverty.

He wanted his first child to have a better life, and so together with his wife, they both went to visit powerful sorcerers. "Your Destiny is a very bright one Ebuka, and so is that of your family''. '' Poverty is not meant to be in your lineage, and therefore, your child won't suffer", the Sorcerer assured Ebuka and his pregnant wife. Ebuka went home, the happiest man in his village. He thanked his Chi for making his part clear. But, Ebuka took the words of the Sorcerer, in the wrong sense. He stopped doing his carpentry work and sat home all day.

He went as far as borrowing money from friends, to buy palm wine and bushmeat with the promise he would pay them back when he became rich. Lillian felt bad, she had to bear the pain of being the breadwinner in her family. She would harvest palm fruits, and sell them at the local market. She struggled until she gave birth. The hospital she gave birth in had a philanthropist who sent mother and child abroad for a better life. Ebuka's family was removed from poverty, except for him. And that was because he dwelled only on what he was told, but never worked towards achieving it. 

The End.

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