Surviving And Thriving: Tips For Working From Home In A Nigerian Parent’s House

Working from home is a great opportunity to work in the comfort of your home, but what happens when you work from home in your parent's house especially in Nigeria?


Working in Nigeria from home is increasingly popular, and folks appreciate its flexibility. However, working from home while living with parents can present unique challenges. This article will explain how living with Nigerian parents while working from home is possible.

When working from home, Nigerian parents' houses can be hard work due to distractions. Some parents aren't aware of remote work and may interrupt frequently. Some may be aware but don't particularly care. From shouting your name repeatedly to sending you on household errands, like grinding pepper at Iya Jamiu's shop or getting the remote for them, to making late-night dinner for the whole family, it can lead to frustration. 

We should talk to our parents about the need for uninterrupted work time to reduce distractions. Setting clear boundaries and creating a schedule can also help parents understand the nature of remote work and the need for focus.

Lack of privacy is another challenge of working from home in a Nigerian parent's house. Living with parents means one may not have a separate room to use as a home office or a space to process thoughts. Consequently, it is essential to create a designated workspace, which could be possible by using a corner of the house, setting up a small desk and chair, and creating a comfortable and conducive work environment.

Warning: Don't carry your father's favorite chair to work unless you want war.

Managing time is also crucial when working from home at a Nigerian parent's house. It is easy to lose track of time when working from home beyond regular working hours. Making and following a schedule can keep you productive and help you balance work and personal life.

You know how it is with Nigerian parents - they don't have access to all the fancy office resources we might take for granted, so working from home is challenging. People working from home might be capable of using office equipment like printers, scanners, or supplies but don't have them in their homes. 

In solving this problem, they can look for other resources like libraries or shared workspaces. Working from home in a Nigerian parent's house can also be isolating. Remote workers might not get to talk to their co-workers or attend social events like those who work in an office. To fix this, they can have online meetings with their team, chat with colleagues for interaction, and join virtual groups for remote workers.

Despite the challenges, working from home in a Nigerian parent's house can be successful with the right strategies and mindset. Here are some tips for surviving and thriving while working from home in a Nigerian parent's house:

  1. Communicate with parents: Talk to parents about the nature of remote work and the importance of uninterrupted work time.
  2. Create a designated workspace: Use a corner in the house, set up a small desk and chair, and create a comfortable and conducive work environment.
  3. Manage your time: Create a schedule and stick to it to ensure you stay productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance, which will help you in creating time for chores in the house.
  4. Explore alternative resources: Look for public libraries or co-working spaces to access office resources. 
  5. Stay connected with colleagues: Participate in virtual team meetings, reach out to colleagues for social interactions, and join online communities of remote workers.
  6. Focus on the benefits: Remote work has many benefits, such as flexibility, increased productivity, and improved work-life balance. Focus on the positives and embrace the opportunities that come with remote work.

Nigerian parents can make working from home challenging, but it also increases productivity and improves work-life balance. People who work from home can do well by talking to their family, setting up places to work, being good with their time, using other resources if needed, keeping in touch with co-workers, and thinking about the good parts.

Editor: Oluwatoyin Odunnuyi

Art Cover: Yours truly

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