Sweet Home

I wish I could be back to my sweet home, sweet home, a home of melodies songs lingering every day by the angels wearing soothing white robes; that allure one's heart; oh my sweet home, I wish I could wine and dine with the holy hearts over there, My sweet home, a place where knowledge and wisdom souls wave the words like Wordsmith.

Time with no time, When everything will soon come to an end When sadness will fill some faces and when laughter will fill some faces When everyone comes to bow before the one called God

Accept my warm arrival in your kingdom, king of our time, Accept the rhythm of voices as it sings hallelujah and joyous praises in thy kingdom, sweet home without boredom and melancholic syndrome that flows in one heart, Sweet home where gold and silver belong to the king of our time Let me wine and dine in this sweet home forever, Even Till eternity I'll never depart from this sweet home.

When some will see him face to face, When some will ask the question only him can answer, Sweet home, Where tears like an ocean will be wiped away, Where everybody will have the right and freedom to do anything, Where both the rich and the poor will meet, Where loneliness of many will be relieved, Where the agony of so many will be solved, Sweet home, is it calling go everyone?

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