The history of swimming...It is extremely, very difficult to know who was the first man to swim or how swimming took from the beginning. In the ancient world, works of art showed men swimming and swimming, which is accepted as one of the seven noble arts of the Greeks, which was developed through the Greek civilization; therefore, the act of swimming could be said to be an as old man. Swimming at that time was like that of animals and was called "dog paddle."The first actual record of anyone swimming was established by a mosaic dug up in Pompeii. It is believed that because of the following reasons, the ancient Greeks took part in swimming on a rather large scale.

There are many factors that constituted to this, being

1. The numerous large bath in Greece

2. The many rivers in Greece

3 . The interest in all kinds of sports

4. The love for culture and beauty.

Also, apart from the Greeks, in 1800 or earlier than that, the English people were participating in swimming, and this could be a result of the fact that they were surrounded by water, and it became imperative that they learn how to swim.

Swimming can be done in different ways, and the ways are swimming strokes. These are some of them

1. The doggy

2. The breaststroke

3. The side over the arm

4. The Australian crawl

5. The back crawl

6. Breaststroke

7. The Butterfly ( Dolphin)

Each of the swimming techniques was introduced by different people in different years. The first swimming competition was organized by The British in 1830, and the first recognized swimming pool was built in Berlin, Germany, In 1855.


Swimming as an aspect of sports is really lagging behind in Nigeria; it has been overlooked. Nobody really knows the first man to swim in this country, but due to our geographical location, it can be said that in the riverine areas of the country, those who live close to water or those whose occupational reasons, pleasure, and any sort of festivals.


Before going into the fundamental skill, there are three major considerations

1. Floating

2. Resistance

3. Fundamentals


This is the first basic skill in swimming, the human body, which is slightly less than 0.985 for an average man to 0.950 for an average woman and child. Floating is easier in salt water than in a stream or pool


Resistance prevents the body from removing effectively through water, and it takes place in several forms, namely:

1. Head-on Resistance

2. Skin Resistance

3. Eddy Resistance

Newton's Third law of motion states that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" in trying to work against this force, it is important that swimmers apply power with a slow, steady stroke cycle.


Propulsion drives the swimmer forward through the water, the arm being the major agent of the movement.


To swim, there must be contact with water, and this is the first experience; it is very shocking; it makes one nervous also an individual can feel a little tense.

After entering the water, the swimmer must have water confidence; there are different ways to develop water confidence, e.g., A game can be played, and with this, after spending a long time in the water then, there can be confidence.

Another step after gaining water confidence is submerging, and it simply means trying to stay underwater. For beginners, it is actually difficult as water may enter the nose and mouth and can choke them. As a learner, to be effective, a little practice is needed, and that is holding one breath for some seconds underwater before coming up.

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