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Table Turners

Everytime, everyday, everything changes. This article is about the story of Things of ages...

One day, when the moon was still shining, and the colors of the stars had not yet faded when, everybody in the village would have finished having supper. I washed my hands inside the bowl of water I had used to wash my hands before I began to eat as I started taking the bowl and plates to the small hut at the back of my main hut. It served as my kitchen. The fufu and okra I just finished eating were good. I then remembered that I had planned to leave half of the food so I could eat before going to church. I had gotten the food from Chief Amati's wedding. 

The wedding was a big one, and I was one of the many caterers there. I had been praised for my cooking since I was ten. But I was too shy to show my talent. I laughed to myself as I remembered how one of my friends who was also a caterer, Bola, B.O. for short, was packing so much food in the big cooler she brought. She was taking the advantage that since it was a big wedding, no one would notice. Unluckily for her, she was caught by the groom's son. 

Ridicule was her name for that day. I had been part of that group before I became a good Christian and not just an ordinary churchgoer. It changed totally when I read the book 'IT GOES BEYOND YOUR DANCE STEPS ' by Sesan Oguntade. Since that time, many other caterers taunted me, and some praised me.' Typical Nini. Behaving as if she's holier than Jesus Himself ', The first fraction would say.' I think what she does is good. I even wish to be like her. 'The members of the other fraction would disagree.' You wish to be like a person who says she's holy, yet she doesn't have any results. I'd rather wish for a stick than do that,'' my detractors would say, and immediately, this shut all my supporters down. 

<Wait, results. Why haven't I had results all this time?Why> I thought. <But maybe it can't be like that again since Bola had been ridiculed today> I tried to defend myself. <No, I still need results>.The watch I had once been given as a prize for my truthfulness soon dinged. It was time to read my Bible. Two hours later, I slept off, and I saw myself selling food to a long queue of people in a dream.  

" That's it." I covered my mouth so that I would not wake the whole neighborhood. I did not sleep again that night. I kept praying and planning. I broke my piggy bank and saw that the money was enough to tell the hut builder to help build a new hut where I could sell food. I wanted to borrow money from the cooperative I was in, but I remembered another book by Sesan Oguntade I had read, ' How to Break Free from Debt,' I decided to withdraw all the money that I had in the cooperative and I used it to stock my shop. And soon, my business was thriving. I decided not to stay within the limitations of my environment, and I expanded my business to other villages and then to cities. HisStories Cafe is now one of the best in the country at large.

Article 2

I collected the files from the financial secretary of one of my HisStories Cafe branches. Nobody could trust this person again these days. When they wanted to get the job, they would act all pitiful, and after getting the job, the story wasn't the same anymore. They could go far, even doctoring your signature. "I told you you could trust me, ma'am". The secretary smiled when I had finished checking the files. " Oh, yes." I smiled back. I was about to say something when the telephone in front of me vibrated. "Excuse me''. I told the secretary as she muttered a 'yes, ma'am.'

It was the receptionist. 

" Let her in. Bola, who's Bola." I tried to remember who Bola was. I saw the secretary still waiting and standing with her now usual smile. "You can go". I signaled with my finger. She then left with a nod while I kept pondering over who Bola was. Bola came in, and I didn't waste much time remembering her. " B.O ". I shouted. Bola was the caterer who stole food from Chief Amati's wedding. I will never forget that wedding. While that wedding uplifted me, it brought the downfall of Bola because I left the village for the city. Bola never accepted any catering job.

" Niniola ".She shouted back. "Long time no see ." How is Ayo? " I asked. Ayo was Bola's son. " That stubborn boy. He is fine. I left him with his grandmother." Bola hissed. "Awh, Awh. I miss his stubbornness."

"So when are you doing your own? " Bola hit my hand on the table in front of us. She had forced me to come and sit down on the sofa with her. She kept talking and at the same time hitting me. Bola wasn't in my inner circle of friends, but I was happy to see her, although with mixed feelings. I was beginning to get tired of her. She kept hitting me as though I were a bag of rice. I was tempted to ask her what she came to do in my life. I asked her why she came to this important part of my life. I asked why she came when I was about to sign a contract.

"Nini, what are you thinking about? You are a rich person, always thinking about something." She had taken the popcorn I was eating before she came and started eating it. " I said when are you going to get wedded? Since Charles left, you've been stagnant .'' "Charles wasn't my boyfriend. " I shouted. I used that opportunity to go and sit down on my executive chair. "Then who was he?" Bola said, following me to the chair in front of me. "Bola. I am 24. I can't get married now."

I quickly pressed the secretary call button in front of me. "You can't expect me to get married just because you got married earlier." My hands were still struggling to find the call button below the table, so I didn't realize how much shock I had caused Bola with what I had said. Before you start thinking, Bola had gotten married at 17. When we were both in our village secondary school, Bola got pregnant with a boy then. I had always envied her because I, being a poor orphan, had no money while she, having Ozo-titled parents, was always getting money from them and her boyfriends. Note it, boyfriends. Anytime I thought about it then, I would console myself with the fact that I was an orphan and I had no parent who would cover up for me if I got pregnant. (Bola was half Igbo and Yoruba)

I finally found the call button. I raised my head up to see Bola crying. It was then that I realized what I had said. "Bola, sorry. I didn't mean it." I was saying when the secretary came in. I didn't let her talk. "I have a meeting with the Board at home. Oh, thank you for reminding me." I said before the secretary could say anything. "Ma. You mean...." The secretary wore a confused smile. I gave her a wink, and she understood immediately. " I'm so sorry for this interruption. But this is a very important meeting. " The secretary smiled to Bola.

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