Take Not A Bow And Arrow

Where there is war there is no peace. The poem is an appeal to whoever wants to defend his/her religion through violence. It reminds people of the past war that left Nigeria in perilous situations.

Take not a bow and arrow
We are not ready for another 1963
The land is tired of bloodshed
And the rivers not ready to be contaminated

Take not a bow and arrow
We have no David in our midst
Though Saul may be guilty of death
But we are ready to be our brother's keeper

Take not a bow and arrow
We must understand our religions
We need not stone Stephen
Before we defend our faith.

Take not a bow and arrow
We are one family
Born and bred in the Niger area
We are united by the power of 1914.

Take not a bow and arrow
Even though we need to separate
Let not in the guise of foreign religions we turn violent
Like that of Pharoah of Egypt.

Take not a bow and arrow
Our separation should not be for carnage
But let it be for olive tree
With it, we can heal our sore soul
And restructure our new Jerusalem.
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