Tales About Me

Tales about me is a memoir of my childhood and how I perceived things at that time...

When I was growing up, we lived in big government quarters built for only those who worked with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water resources, and livestock. The fun now is nothing compared to then. Everybody could go anywhere at any time of the day without the fear of being raped, maimed, or killed. We knew the value of laughter and the joy that comes with good neighborliness.

My father, everybody, said he was the highest paid at that time, but he had no car, to the surprise of the neighbors. Our neighbors were kind most times, and at other times, they were unkind because the government didn't treat them well. They were even closer during the time of governor Ewang. He was the governor of old Rivers state, a Cross Riverian. Ewang was cruel to civil servants, and it's not a wonder nobody has heard of him till now.

Because it was a government estate, housing more than forty houses on one part and close to twenty on another side, each side had spaces for livestock farming and agricultural farming. My father's wife had the largest vegetable farm, and we worked it for her. She also amassed a plantain plantation. She was a merchant more than all the women in the quarters and a very beautiful woman (that's what everybody said). She was also very possessive and materialistic. She had the mind to achieve anything she wished to. They say she was a blessing.

My father's late wife had so many wrappers for an outing that People always came to borrow from her. She was fondly called-Nkem by both young, old, and the children. She could shut down an entire atmosphere with the vibration of her loud laughter, and everybody pretended to love her because she was jovial with outsiders and a giver. People will love you if they can consume your products for free. It was impossible to tell what was going on in her mind because she was very calculating.

...to be continued.

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