Tales Of An Evil Brother

A short story about who betrayal...My brother has just been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Desmond has been going through a lot lately. His sixteen-year-old daughter was raped to death two months ago, and now he's embarking on an endless journey to prison. He was convicted of rape, murder, possession of firearms, and hard drugs. I feel pity for his wife too. She conked out when the judge pronounced the life sentence on her husband. She's indeed a mess right now. But, wait a minute. Women can be treacherous and deceptive. I can't believe my brother's wife, Rita, could be this pretentious.

The truth is, I have been sleeping with my brother's wife before now, and his wife Rita is instrumental in each of my evil plans toward him. Desmond has always been our late father's favorite. He gets all the love, care, and attention I'm supposed to get just because he performs better at school; while I was busy with the 'you wan collect' lifestyle' Desmond had everything I ever wanted, and to make matters worse, our father willed all his properties and business to him. Can you imagine? I poisoned the old man, and I'm sure he'll regret that selfish act in his grave.

Severally, I've asked Desmond to give me my own share of the properties, but he never yielded to my request. Instead, he employed me as a general manager in his company. What act of greed and selfishness. Germane to his refusal to grant my request, I concocted a plan to take what rightfully belongs to me - sending him on a jolly vacation to prison. Let me tell you how my escapade with his wife started.

Rita is promiscuous, and she can go down with anything in trousers in two shakes of a lamb tail. She had been cheating on my brother before I came into the picture, even though I had my eyes on her. I was aware of her infidelity. I got her sex tape, and I blackmailed her with it. Ever since I have been having my share of the national cake. In the process, Rita fell in love with me. She married Desmond because of his money. Obviously, we can't be together with her husband in the conversation, so we conspired to set him up.

This was how it happened. Celina was Desmond's secretary. A beautiful lady I've always tried to get into my bed, but she's always adamant and rude. She was the first to come to my mind when I thought of this plan. I organized for Celina to be abducted and taken to a secret lair. Days later, she was declared missing, and the police were involved in the case. They're searching for her rigorously in every nook and cranny. A week later, I raped and killed Celina. She dare not act adamant at gunpoint.

Desmond loves going to this bar on the mainland every Friday evening, so I meandered him there. His car was parked outside, unlocked, and that fueled the next phase of my plan. I dumped Celina's body, two firearms, and a bag of cocainë in his trunk. I alerted the police instantly, and Desmond was apprehended on his way home that night. It happened like an action movie, just the way I wanted. Who will believe he didn't do it? What evidence does he have to exonerate himself? None! That's how I cleared him off the coast. He can rot in jail for all I care. His money cannot even save him. He's good as being dead in the water.****Rita has the documents to the properties in her possession, and my aim is to take them from her. The love she had for me was a means to an end.

Finally, I got what I wanted. Rita is craving oasis under the facade that I'm going to get married to her. What sensible woman will marry a man who killed and raped her daughter? Yes, I did it. I had to get rid of that girl. I don't want any brat growing up to gauge frocks with me because of something that belongs to me. Rita doesn't know about this, and that's my little secret. However, Rita doesn't know my next plan for her too. She's on her way to the market right now, and that's the end of her too. My boys are trailing her, looking for the right spot to spill her blood on the dashboard. I wouldn't want anyone to blow my cover in the future; I need to clean up every stain. If she could betray my brother who loved her so much, then who am I?

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