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Teddy Bear

This article is a short story about Teddy Bear's which are a demonic projection from the devil 😈

Back then, in school, we had a roommate that had a beautiful teddy bear. She was always so protective of I "Don't drop him on the floor "Don't throw him anyhow," Don't touch him," Leave him alone. The list was endless. She had the habit of personifying Teddy. We always made fun of her and her devotion to the teddy bear, but she always ignored you.

There was a day she came back from school and met a visitor sitting on it on the be. She was mad

She wouldn't stop nagging until the girl left. The second day, we heard the girl got hit by a bike man and was hospitalized. No one linked the incident to Teddy. One night all the girls, except me, had slept before Samantha, the Teddy-girl, came home. She sat on her bed space and started her usual conversations with Teddy.

Samantha: "How far? How was your day? Teddy

Samantha: " What happened today, Teddy

Samantha: "Talk to me, na. Who talked about me today? What did they say, nau? Teddy (At this point, I wanted to tell her to stop being silly and sleep, but I just watched

Samantha: Talk na. I won't play with you again.

The Teddy slowly turned its head to her and spoke in a gruffly male voice, "Shhh... You talk too much. Someone is still awake. I froze. At that point, she looked around and called all of us one by one to know who was awake. I had never been so afraid all my life. I started pleading with The Blood of Jesus, begging God to protect me. I could taste the shock and fear on my tongue. The next day, I went home for prayers and never went back to that hostel. I heard she quit school after that day. This is the first time I'm sharing the story after all these years

© Felicity Edunoh


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