Teenage And Choice Of Friendship

Teens and Friendship - Most recently, it has been discovered that friendship has been a major challenge in a teenager's life. As we all know, friendship can either impact or end the glorious destiny of these young ones, bearing in mind that their tender and growing mind can easily be influenced if not properly guided, hence the need for this topic.

Who is a friend, and how do you choose your friends?

To choose your friend, you must know yourself first, your standards which must be biblically rooted, your choices, and your ideals. Based on these factors, it can help you determine who and who can reason like you and align their standards, choice, and ideals with you.

This is why we have schoolmates, classmates, roommates, etc. Somebody must not qualify to be your friend because you are classmates or roommates. No. You must draw the line. If you don't, then an enemy can creep in as your friend and destroy you.

You must be endeared to somebody you can call a friend by reason of some innate qualities and ideals that tallies with your own standards and choices. For example, somebody can be called my friend because our views and perception about life is similar. He is a true child of God like I am, and since we share the same beliefs, we cannot hurt each other. He is focused on a great future, just like I am. He works hard and advises me on how I can achieve my dreams, and I do the same for him. 

He encourages me to live right and do what is good, and I do the same to him.

He s got my back, and I have got his back. Note that all these can only be possible if we share the same ideals and perceptions about life. For instance, a drunkard or drug addict can never be my friend because we don't share the same ideals. A homosexual or a lesbian can never be my friend because our choices are different. So to choose the right friend, you must have standards that single you out and endear you to others. You must be able to draw the line, or else you will find yourself associating with different characters you think are friends, and they can lead you to disaster.

On the Parent’s part

Parent must assist their young ones in making this decision of friendship by being a part of their life choices. You must find out why they choose that particular friend. You, as a parent, must also befriend your friends; this is one of the ways you can know if these friends truly carry the virtues and values you have worked hard over the years to impact your child. If not properly guided, friendship choice will destroy all the good morals and godly virtues you have raised your child with. We live in a society where you can no longer look out for only your child. 

If you truly care for yours, then you must also befriend, counsel, and impact other children, especially your children's friends, just to ensure they are in the midst of the right association called ‘friends.’ Don’t forget that your upbringing style is different from others, e.g., when a child grows up to understand that there is nothing wrong with dressing naked and you have worked hard to teach your child that such dress style is indecent, of course, it takes your love, counsel, and impact on making her friend with that indecent lifestyle understand that such style of dressing is ungodly and destructive; that’s why you must think of others, but if you say ‘it’s not my business because she is not my child’ then your child is also not saved even if you ask then not to befriend such fellow, they will secretly be friends, and of course, they will negatively influence your child; after all, you are not always there with them. 

Give other children what you give to your child because ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, but if they are not willing and ready to learn, they are not good friends for your young ones. Look out for the next edition of this amazing magazine for another wonderful topic on TMT with TGWAC. Remember friendship is not by force; it’s by choice so choose wisely!!

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