Teenage Mothers

I met Adaeze...A is for Adaeze. Adaeze is a light-skinned and beautiful girl of fourteen. She has big and large eyeballs that you will probably get lost while staring at enchanting eyes.

At fourteen, Adaeze was already looking twenty. She has grown so much for a girl at her age. Her luscious bazoom has got men licking their lips lustfully. And her gigantic backside once made a biking man lose control of his wheels, I was told. Indeed Adaeze was the village sensation. With all these bodily characteristics that Adaeze possesses, she still has a heart and brain of a child.

The men showing her affections and showering her with different gifts make her think they were just trying to be nice. But those paedophiles have something much more sinful and horrifying up their sleeves. "Hi, I'm Lyna, can I please know your name?" "I'm Adaeze" she rocked her body up and down in an attempt to soothe her teary lad. "Nice name, you're so beautiful, Actually I just came into the village yesterday, so I was looking forward to sightseeing, but the most painful part is that I have no one to show me around" I spoke fluently.

"I would have loved to keep your company, but as you can see, I'm on my way to the farm, so maybe we can meet later on" She gave me her enchanting smile, the one I've been told. "But first I need to feed my child" I didn't show any surprise since it will make her uncomfortable and I've been told by some village rumor peddlers about her pitiful situation. I scrutinized her apparel while she breastfed her baby. She wore a faded red shirt and a black skirt. Her hair was braided into two sides that meet. Patewo. Even with her non-luxurious dressing, I can still see her assets intact. I sat down beside her under the mango tree, She sang a lullaby to coo her child.

Her voice was perfect and heavenly. I've never seen someone so talented as her. "Have you ever considered going into music?, You have the talent you know". "In this condition?, No" "I mean, no one will like to help an illiterate single mother nor sign one and I know no one". She concluded. "Can I ask you a sensitive question?" "Yes you can" she gave me a go-ahead. I sighed. " What happened, I know I may not be the right one to tell this to, but I'm really curious". She lowered her head in shame. "Being an endowed young girl gave me away, and my foolishness and ignorance added to the trauma". She smiled sadly and continue anyways.

"You know you're the first person who deems it fit to ask me this question. Everyone puts the Blame on me and I'm being called a village whore, it breaks me to hear those rumors. Honestly, if they had called a meeting to gather at the Town Hall to explain my plight, I will gladly do that, but of what use is it " she chuckled "Even those people I called my parents sent me out and abandoned me, to the cold hands of the street and that man". She spat hatefully and tears rushed down her eyes. "He caused me pain, he was a teacher. Due to my beauty and body, many men both young and old came to me to try their lust-filled wooing, but I declined, thank God for my friends. My condition today isn't peer pressure, it's ignorance". "The men that have been trying to woo me came to me directly, obviously afraid of what my parent might say. But this teacher came to my father one day with a jar of palm wine, claiming he wants to be my father's friend and that my father should change my school to where he teaches so that he will be able to keep me away from the pedophile's eyes; when he's the sly paedophile".

"My father agreed wholeheartedly and without seeking my consent he bought all the necessary materials for a new school.

I was perplexed and excited and sad at the same time. Perplexed that he did all this without my permission, excited that I was going to a new environment and meet new people, sad that I will be leaving my friends". "Since he's my father and he's the one paying the fees, I agreed to be a day student. But that sly managed to convince my father that he will do a home lesson for me, free of charge. But it will be done in his house" "My parents agreed and started attending the school, he will call me to his office at any slight opportunity and sweet-talked me. He even tried to touch my boobs on one occasion but I fled" "He eventually succeeded in raping me, my parent didn't believe me. He framed me up saying I am the one that drugged him and raped him instead which is punishable under the law" She laughed humourlessly.

"My poor illiterate parents, they know nothing. The news circulated the village that I, Adaeze, I'm now a community slut who throws herself at men old enough to be her father". "I was ashamed that I always find it hard to get out of the house, my head hung so low in ridicule". "Then the last straw that broke the camel's back came, I became pregnant. My father withdrew me from school and my mother washed her hands off me. I was thrown to the teacher's house who accepted me like a piece of trash and use me every night" "Eventually, I have to pack out of his house and he relocated to the city too, according to the rumors. I'm squatting with an adult friend of mine and a good Samaritan right now, she's God sent". She broke down in tears upon finishing her narration. I patted her back to calm her down.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through all this, the world nowadays is filled with people who have bad intentions from the onset; a wolf in sheep's apparel, however, this is not the end of the world. I get it that you're a single mother at fourteen, you're not the first to get into that pitiful web and probably won't be the last" I sighed. "Have you ever thought of going back to school?" "Yes, but I lack the funds to continue and my baby is still very much young" she sniffed back tears and cradled her baby closer to herself. "I've always dreamt to become a doctor, at the least a nurse. My dreams were cut short, I wish I never have this too obvious body, I wish I'm like every other teen of my age" she burst into tears again. "If you have the opportunity to retrace your steps, will you?" I asked her. "Yes, yes I will" she responded eagerly. "So far it isn't prostitution or robbery and other social vices," she said solemnly. I smiled. "Common cheer up, let's go to the farm" I pulled her up while she strapped her baby to her back. And we walked and smiled and talked and shouted on our way to the farm.

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