Teenage Tragedy

This piece reveals some of the challenges teenagers face while growing up and their question to fulfill curiosity

And how did it happen? Like a wheel, I was driven by emotions that couldn't be differentiated from a craving. In search of answers, I wonder With questions alien to my young mind. In search of freedom, I linger, only to find out it was called independence by the free world.

A word I soo much got interested in exploring. If only it could give me the answers to my alien questions, then it should be worth a trial, I said. Eventually, I got thrilled by the numerous definitions I found. That I could do whatever I want, Be whatever I like, Without being accountable to anyone. Oh, how sweet! I mused at the possibilities of all the new adventures I could try out.

From the taste of the fun to becoming an addict. I stagger in my delusion, now lost in my thoughts. For those adventures have seemingly turned out to be horrors! What seemed like fun was actually a mirage while the real face lay behind it. Now hunted by those voices that told me HOW when I asked why but couldn't listen;

They told me to STOP. At the same time, I wasn't ready to slow down. Consumed with what I thought was youthfulness, only to find out I was way separated from purpose. Instead of independence, I now end up dependent on people! Instead of freedom, I am now chained by addictions too hard to break free. What seemed to be fun had been but a blindfold of a wrongly trodden path. Now I end up in the same cycle I started from, with questions alien to my young but worn-out mind;

 Is this who I want to be? Why aren't things working out? Who am I? When will it end? I am a teenager! Now soo thin out of depression, left with nothing but marks of faults and mistakes seeming indelible. I am a teenager!! I need to know why❓ But who would give me the perfect answer❓❓❓

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