Nuhu Bulus 1 year ago

Teenagers Creed

A piece that defines the usefulness of teenagehood...As a teenager I am; Faced with the daily catastrophe of what teenagehood brings along;

As a teenager I am,
Faced with the daily catastrophe of what teenagehood brings along.
It seems soo unbearable.
My young mind laced with questions,
But I will not relent in my quest for answers.

By and by revelations beyond my age were revealed to me,
It taught me to know who I am,

What I am and 

Why I am 

and now I know that I am not just a teenager,
But one with a difference,
A teenager with a touch of fire capable of burning the world,
A teenager with a mission,
A teenager with a vision,
A teenager to the nation,
A teenager unrelenting,
A teenager with a focus,
A teenager that will change the world,
A teenager that would turn the hearts of the nation to their father.
I am grace, 
I am hope, 
I am loved,therefore I must show love.
I am a divine utterance that must be established,
I am a weapon in the hands of my creator,
A battle axe,
A raging fire,
An instrument of destruction.

Therefore I'm not tied down by lust and evil passions,nor blinded by fading addictions.

Rather I strive to reach perfection cos that's who I'm meant to be. 
I'm not a mistake,
I'm a teenager!!
One with a touch of fire🔥🔥🔥
Mins.nsparck Penner🕯🕯a
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