Olabisi 1 year ago

Tell The Spectators

My father symbolized the player. My mother is the goalkeeper. My father dribbled and scored a goal which I referred to (the poet) When I was in her stomach till I was born, was the second stanza of the poem. It's irony.

I was breezed like a ball by a striker 
And caught by the giant net on the goal axis; 
Danced in the bearing of the bisector of the poles
With the keeper standing aloof at the perilous angle;
With her eyes on the net, when I was dancing 
In the conduct of a spiral degree on the elevation in a mass of wave;
I sat on the parallel line in the bottom of the net alone
Geometrically, sleeping in the basket of voices
That traveled like an electron.

In the acute of the striker; I moved in a protractive manner
To the center line, there, I started a movement
To everywhere no one can tell;
I moved in my direction but not her direction;
She rubbed me lightly on the surface to keep me in shape,
When I sagged her cloth with my robust skin,
With a touch of water
Confusedly; I ran out of the field to a safety hand
Which blew the final whistle.
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