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Anger is a dangerous thing and it is painful that a lot of parents are enslaved already by anger that they can't control it. If you are having g anger issue please read this..

Broom thrower ended up in the hospital...Hmmm! I wish parents would do more and learn how to control their emotions and anger to avoid had I know, like this, my friend. I got a call that got me angry this morning from a mother, and I told her I would use this as a reminder to those that brag about their anger and yelling attitude.

" I am so sad this morning, and I pray that God helps me and that nothing happens to my daughter. I asked my daughter to go and bring the bottle of honey I bought yesterday for me. Only for her to pick the bottle and start playing, that was how the bottle fell and all the oil spilled on the floor. So, on that note, I became angry and raised our kitchen broom and threw it at her, and it landed on her face😭. she has refused to open her eyes, and she was crying seriously. As we are on our way to the hospital, I remembered the post you made recently that I read concerning anger, controlling our emotions, and stopping calling our kids negative names." However, I didn't comment because I am a victim of all these. And today, I am in a mess because I don't know how to go about this."

👆Read that again!

Hmmm! I just told her to take things easy for now and concentrate on taking her daughter to the hospital that I would take to her later, as I could not control her crying over the phone😭. This was very sad news as far as I am concerned. What if anything happens to that girl's eyes? Because the eyes refused to open, according to her. What if that eyes never open again? Are you aware of how much she will spend on her anger today?

This is not what she planned for today, but her anger has led her into more trouble. By the time she comes back from the hospital today, nobody will tell her to through the broom again. There is a price to pay for that emotion you are not controlling now, even as a single person. Someday it might cost you something you cannot pay for. Where is the bottle of honey? No there to be found again. The bottle of honey she was fighting for is not what matters now, but that was what caused her the action that might end up being disastrous in her daughter's life because she allowed her emotions( anger)to overtake her.

The anger cleared her eyes immediately, by fire by force. She can see clearly now; I guessed The girl didn't do well; yes, I acknowledged that, but if you can throw a broom at your child not minding where it will land, just because you are angry, that means you can throw a knife to your child one day. Now her eyes don clear now...very red and clear.

✅What prevented her from kneeling that her girl down and flogging her if she was that angry to hit her? She would have used a cane.

✅She would have also told her that she would not eat for the whole day if she claimed that her anger had graduated from Harvard. 

✅What of sitting her daughter down and talking to her, using scriptures to rebuke her intensely?

✅Or rather slap the Spirit of distraction and playing out of her daughter's life since she is so furious

Why throw a broom on a girl of 7 years? Oh! God! I am so hurt this morning because, with the way she said this, that girl's eye might not open again😭 God punishes anger; if you see this and you are struggling with anger, I want you to comment, " God punishes anger." But get ready to work on your emotions...anger is the first thing.

Dear parents, There a ways to punish and rebuke your kids without inflicting wounds on them. Funny enough, I have an association of broom throwers here reading this post. You throw a broom today; tomorrow, you throw a spoon; next, you throw a turning stick; another day, you throw slippers; what of those that like throwing plates and pots? Are you reading this post? I know you are reading and saying, God help my heart, please. Yes, God will help you, ooo, but help yourself first.

Anger is a monster; learn to control your emotion to avoid had I know. You have been throwing spoons and plates, and nothing is happening. Better work on your emotions now; if not one day, your hand will lead you into temptation because it follows the impulse of your anger. Well, the story you just led is fiction. But I know that I have passed a message to the association of broom throwers. You are raising a goat that you throw things at anyhow. You are raising kings and queens; set the structures right, follow the structure first and use your family values temperate and be consistent in your training.

Training a child is not a day job; it is a daily contribution of what we do and show them, either deliberate or unknowingly. The question is, what are you doing and saying daily that your kids are seeing and imitating? Stop throwing spoons, it will land you in hospital, and you will definitely pay for not controlling your anger. There are better ways to correct your child, not by throwing spoons, plates, and brooms. Stop raising a generation of broom throwers; yes, stop! This is how women are using a hot iron and so on to design their maids, anger! Anger is a monster. Your child is not a goat.

For those that have a fixed mindset, that is because your mother used a broom to design your face when she was raising you. So, if you want to use that same strategy on your kids, well, continue. But I pray for you today, May your hands not put you into trouble in Jesus' name. Throwing your child a broom and other things is not a parenting strategy. If you got value, share to show that you care.

Yours Faithfully,

©Favour Uchendu.

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