Ten Golden Rules For Successful Marriage

Marriage is an institution where we learn every day...When we talk about marriage, many people seem to think that we are talking about a place of rest and relaxation.

The relationship is tough, but marriage is the toughest. It's an advanced level of relationship. Relationships can be managed by marriage cannot be managed. Marriage is the coming together of two individuals that possess the attitude of forbearance.

Listed below are the ten golden rules for a successful marriage:

1. Everyone has a weakness: We must bear in mind that every individual on this planet Earth has a weakness, and he or she might not be doing it well. So, it's high time we stopped thinking that there's a perfect man or woman out there or that Mr/Mrs.A's wife/husband is doing better than your wife/husband. Don't compare your spouse.

2. Most people have dark histories: Many husbands and wives have pasts that are not pleasant to the ear. Let's not stick to their past; rather, we should focus on the present. Bringing up the past makes no sense and tends to complicate issues. You are married to the man/woman he/she has become today, not what he/she was yesterday. Don't crucify your spouse with their past life. It hurts deeper than you can imagine.

3. Every marriage has different challenges: Marriage is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs, sad days and happy days, day and night. So, let's go in with good attitudes. Prepare yourself enough that when the wild wind blows, you won't be blown away. Turn your fears to power, develop your potential and build yourself.

4. To marry is to declare war: When I was still a teenager, I normally said to myself, "I want to grow real quick so that I will get married and have some rest" now when I finally grew up and got married, I realized that I just got myself a full-time business. I got to find out that I have been resting all this while. We don't rest in marriage; we war in marriage. We must declare war against the following:

A. Unfruitfulness.

B. Ignorance.

C. Prayerlessness.

D. Unforgivingness.

E. Adultery.

F. Stinginess.

G. Stubbornness.

H. Lack of love.

I. Laziness.

J. Divorce.

K. Bitterness.

Getting to know these will prepare our minds for what marriage is all about.

5. There's no perfect marriage: One who seeks already-made marriage is looking for trouble.

You make your marriage what it becomes and how others view your marriage depends on you.

6. Getting all you completely need in a man/woman is impossible: God does not give you all you want in a man/woman. The perfect will of God comes as a raw material that you have to extract and manufacture. Many have listed a full book about what he/she wants in their future spouse, but when you wait to get it all, you will wait till eternity.

7. To marry is to take a risk: There are times when situations change in marriage. In such a situation, we don't run away; we face it, fight it and conquer it. Prepare yourself morally and emotionally before stepping into marriage.

8. Marriage is not a contract but a permanent thing: The reason you are told to prepare yourself very well before marriage is that walking into marriage today and quitting tomorrow is not an easy decision. Sometimes you think about what people will say and how you would go back to start again.

9. The power of understanding is higher than love: Many individuals go into marriage with the mindset of "I love him" or "I love her" To love your partner is good but to love without understanding is a disaster. You must understand your partner's attitudes and behaviors in order to avoid too many clashes. You must understand that individual varies in character and behavior. The way you act and see things might be totally different from the way your partner acts and sees things. Always bear it in mind that we view things from our own perspective, and we must always make room to accommodate others.

10. Make God number one in all: In everything we do, God is the ultimate. Learn to invite God instead of doing things your way and fighting without heavenly backup. MARRIAGE IS SWEET AND SOUR AT THE SAME TIME.


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