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Test Tube Baby

IVF is not a sin and also not a bad thing. Why then are we shying away from the information?

"Mama! It's okay! I don't think that's the solution." "You better keep shut! What do you know?" Hahaha... Maami(My mother) I am an undergraduate, and I am above 18. Yiwola said."Who is talking to you about age? What do you know about marriage, pregnancy, and childbearing?" "Mother, I might not know much, but I know little at least to understand what this IVF means."(Ignores her daughter) If not because the world is turning into another thing, how would my son's wife not give me a child for the past ten years, and I didn't fight. God! I didn't fight this woman! But, she has now decided to give me a test tube child! Me! A test-tube child? My head! My mother, it's not like that; IVF is not as bad as you paint it. Seriously, I can't blame them; after how many years? I won't answer you; I will be going to your brother's place tomorrow. I must see his wife and the doctor. "I will be going with you, mom, at least to know more about this IVF" *************************

"Mama, you are welcome, ma'am. Sister-in-law, you are welcome; how was your trip?" Fine ma'am. How is everything? I thank God that everything is fine. Mama, you are not answering me? "Why should I answer you? Where is my son? I need to see him now!" "Okay, mama, I will call him now."

(Calls her husband out) Ha Yiwola! Maami(My mother)! You didn't tell me you would be coming today. Welcome, mom! (prostrate) Good morning mom. (Yiwola kneels to greet her brother) Egbon mi (My brother), Good morning, sir. Good morning Yiwola; I hope you are enjoying the break? Yes sir. "Good morning, son; sorry I didn't tell you before coming; I only came here for something very important." 

Mom, the discussion will have to wait till I come back. Why? "My wife and I have an appointment with our doctor this morning. Maybe when we are back, we will talk about it." "See! That is the main reason I am here" "I don't understand you, ma'am." "I can't allow your wife to give me a test tube child! Even the money you are spending is too much. I can not be watching while things go wrong." "I understand you, mom, but IVF is not as bad as you just painted it; it's an advanced technology aimed at helping infertility." "Exactly my point, my son; if your wife is infertile, should you be blamed for it?" Mom, sorry, can I intervene in this discussion? "You are the main reason that brought me here; you are the one that dragged my son into spending his money to do test tube child. So, you can talk." "Thank you, mama. I only want to say that since we are going to the hospital, You should please go with us! The doctor will be able to explain everything to you, ma." (They all went to the hospital to see the doctor)

"You are welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Olonija. Since you said your mother is insisting that you stopped the process and your wife is already at stage two, I will have to explain everything to her." "No problem, doctor, we are okay with that!" Mama, you see, IVF is not a sin against God! It's not a bad thing; rather, it's a way of helping people have their children. IVF means In Vitro Fertilization meaning mature eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab, then the fertilized embryos are transferred to the uterus. It usually takes about two weeks for the woman to get pregnant if it works; sometimes, it takes about a month. Hmmm, doctor, why did my son have to go through this process? 

"Your son is suffering from low sperm count. The wife has reached menopause; something must be done to help the couple. So, both of them agreed to it." "Ha! Olarewaju, my son! You have killed me! You never told me you have a low sperm count. Ha! My life. My wife, I am so sorry. Please forgive me." Please go ahead with the IVF process; I am okay with it." "Mama, I am not angry; rather, I am happy now that you want us to do IVF. Thanks so much." Come here, my wife. (she hugs her) "Sister Yiwola, please don't marry late, so you don't reach your menopause fast. Aside from the fact that your brother has a low sperm count and he has been treated, I have already stopped menstruating."

"Ma, I seriously feel for you, and I pray this will end well for you; let's be hopeful, ma. My brother, it is well. Doctor, I have learned a lot about IVF today. Can I please know more?" Sure, you can know more from me but thank God you have an android phone. Don't just chat and watch films on it; read, surf the Internet, and everything you need to know will be brought to you. Wow. That's true...thanks, ma'am. (We left the doctor's office happily, and a few months later, my brother became a proud father to a set of twins: A boy and a girl, they are so beautiful)

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