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Testimony Of Health Innovation.

Testimony on why Riboceine molecules patented technology of USA Max International works.

Cellgevity is a dietary supplement; it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Cellgevity raises glutathione levels within the cells, and when that happens, health can be remarkably improved_


I was diagnosed with type two diabetes and was put on medication. I experienced tiredness, low energy, inability to stand for long, asthma, and inability to continue daily exercises that I have been doing since 1988. I was in despair until I was introduced to Cellgevity, and my life changed.

1. It gradually regulated by weight

2. It reduced my blood sugar levels to between 90-120mg/dL daily

3. It increased my energy levels

4. I no longer take insulin injections because my doctor reviewed my medications

5. I no longer have asthmatic symptoms

6. I lost all my joint aches in my knees, ankle, and waist.

Because of all these, I am a happier person and will talk about Cellgevity every day to people. For me, It is a miracle of the century.


I am a 67-year-old retired teacher & Director of Education. I have had Diabetes for twenty years. I was managed at different hospitals, and the last was Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH. In addition to Diabetes, I have Hypertension, Arthritis, Lymphoedema (over 50 years), and eye problems. I also had Cellulitis. By mid-last year I started having an ulcer in my right foot, which began to decay fast. My doctor advised that I needed to have an amputation done to arrest the progress of the ulcer. In my quest to avoid surgery, I looked for an alternative solution. I was introduced by a doctor to a combination of Cellgevity and Max ATP in November. I continued my prescribed drugs in addition to these supplements. Within three months, my leg ulcer improved remarkably, as well as the other health conditions. I now feel much younger. I thank God for giving me a new life. I thank the doctor that introduced Cellgevity and Max ATP to me.


My mother-in-law had been on medical treatment for high blood pressure for over 30 years now, which was constantly taking her to the hospital, and she was always having headaches and poor sleep. She was given eight bottles of Cellgevity and advised to go for a more regular checkup while she continues with her BP medications. I called her last Sunday to check on her; she said her doctor asked her to discontinue all her BP medication after taking Cellgevity for just six weeks because her blood pressure was under better control. With some lifestyle changes as well, she doesn't experience the headaches anymore; she sleeps better and has more energy!

Note: Cellgevity is taken alongside regular medications. Any changes in medication should be based on a Doctor'sDoctor's review.


I introduced Cellgevity to a friend who immediately purchased a one-month supply. He was in high spirits when he called me to tell me the following:

Before he purchased Cellgevity, he had just undergone a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test, and the result was 21.1 ng/ml (nanogram/milliliter). Whilst on the third bottle in the 3rd week, he repeated the test, and, amazingly, the PSA levels had dropped to 2.1 ng/ml. (The normal range is 0.1- 4.0 ng/ml.)


A close neighbor spent weeks in the hospital for a partial stroke. If she lay on the bed, to get up was almost impossible, one side of her body was very weak, and she had started walking with a stick. I visited and introduced Cellgevity to her; she started using it. As I share this testimony, she is doing her normal business, walking without any sign of that disease she suffered in less than one month of taking Cellgevity.


I currently have a customer who has been bedridden from a stroke for about two years now. We placed him on Cellgevity sometime in October. During Christmas, the wife told us that he could now get out of bed himself, which he had never done for the past two years. They have added Max ATP to boost his strength as well as Max N-Fuse to ensure he gets enough nutrients. The wife has now started taking Cellgevity, and she can't contain her joy.


I am a retired civil servant. I had a very acute case of arthritis and was in excruciating pain. I had used so many painkillers, but all to no avail. I could not sit down. And if I eventually sat, getting up was a big problem because of the pains. I suffered a lot and was looking far older than my age and worn out.

A former colleague introduced me to Cellgevity and Max ATP. I almost gave up on using the products, but I was encouraged to continue for a minimum of 3 months. I reluctantly continued. When I was on my 10th bottle, I couldn't believe that I was now feeling so good. I now walk all around my house. Sit and stand up without any pain. All the pains have disappeared, and my husband is even saying I am looking younger. Can you imagine ?


I have a colleague who was suffering from chronic lower back pain. He had taken several drugs & pain medications but to no avail. He visited the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital to consult a specialist but still no improvement. In fact, when he is walking, you will know he has a problem. I introduced Cellgevity to him and gave him one pack (4 bottles) on Monday. When I saw him the next Monday morning (the 8th day), even though he had taken just one bottle, he thanked me and prayed for me because he had had great relief, which he had never experienced in the past many years on any of his other medications.


A sickle cell anemia patient had experienced ongoing crises throughout his life. He was always rushed to the hospital due to constant excruciating pain, plus the accumulation of pus at the body joints. Doctors would give him blood transfusions and do an incision to drain the pus. This had been happening from late childhood; he had lived his life with the aid of analgesics until last year when Cellgevity was introduced to his parents. For over 8

months now, the frequency of crisis & the severity of the pain have so greatly reduced that the patient has not had any reason to visit the hospital.


An Associate was being considered for fibroid surgery due to heavy flow, anemia, unbearable pain, and weakness associated with her fibroids. She was introduced to Cellgevity and decided to start using it for overall health and wellness. After three months, her symptoms had drastically reduced, and a new scan showed the fibroids had shrunk significantly. She is feeling much better and no longer needs fibroid surgery.


2 Couples of 3 years and 6.5 years infertility, respectively, whom I gave Cellgevity to, are expecting their babies (in about two months and six months' time, respectively). In fact, the 2nd couple was told by a Consultant Gynaecologist that except by IVF, she would not mother a baby!


I have been having this kidney problem; I used to be very weak and could hardly walk without support. Sometimes I would become very weak and feel very sick, it usually happened in the evening, and I would have to be rushed to the hospital, often collapsing along the way. I was being managed at National Hospital and taking dialysis every other day. Someone recommended Cellgevity to me, and I started taking it. This Cellgevity is wonderful; the first thing I noticed when I started taking it is strength; I started feeling stronger, then my health improved, and the crisis stopped. I can move about without help now, and I drive myself now too. I now do dialysis only once a week, and only because my doctor said I should.


A diabetic colleague complained that for several months he had not made love to his wife due to a lack of erection. I gave him Cellgevity, and today when we talked, he said it is working. He can perform well now, and his Diabetes is also under control.


I am getting amazing results with so many glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy patients. It'sIt's amazing! And many of these people are also elderly and have many systemic conditions. We are recommending Cellgevity for their eye health, and they come back to tell us about how they feel better overall. I just can't stop talking about Cellgevity. It sure is a miracle in a bottle.


I came in contact with Cellgevity in April this year; a doctor introduced me to it; before then, l was having serious heart problems; I am always at UPTH every week to see a cardiologist. I have done several tests ranging from ECG, Echo, etc., and was visiting a cardiologist in Metropolitan Hospital for treatment most times. I had frequent Palpitations, Panic Attacks, etc., and it was not easy. Ever since I started taking Cellgevity, this wonderful supplement, l have had peace inside and out. I no longer have those symptoms since I began using Cellgevity; I am now very strong, enjoying wellness, and living my normal life.


My mum was having serious Memory Loss (Dementia) until the time came that she could not recognize her children. It was not easy managing her. After she started using Cellgevity in just three months, she experienced a turnaround in her life. She can now reason, communicate and interact well with others. I'm very grateful to the doctor who recommended Cellgevity for my mum.

There are over 74 diseases and health challenges associated with low glutathione. We have had testimonies on almost every health challenge you can imagine. Commit to Cellgevity for 90 days, try it and see what it will do for you.

Cellgevity is a dietary supplement; it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Cellgevity raises glutathione levels within the cells, and when that happens, health can be remarkably improved

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