That One Man

He comes to you, catches you off-guard; What's the first thing you notice; His face, handsome or gnarled;

He comes to you, catches you off-guard,
What's the first thing you notice
His face, handsome or gnarled
His eyes, seeing and sparkly, or blind and in loss 
His clothes, posh and spotless, or tattered in dross 
His teeth, milky and crafted, or chared and broken
His shoes, dark and glintingly pointy, or burnt and worn

Or would you chance him a check within
Beyond what is seen
Would you search the depths of his heart
Rummage and delve into his soul's intent 
Made from his poorest victories and his greatest losses
The decisions he's made along life's wavering courses 
A mosaic of experiences, heartbreak, losses, and lessons
A painstakingly stroked piece of enrapturing art on the canvas
That made him, him
More than what he'd seem

One man can turn the world around
With a brimming heartfelt smile, 
With a kind gesture that is simple yet profound
With a hug, that makes everything okay, if even for a while
Creating ripples that wave out like butterflies
Falling like dominoes, silent yet marvelous

The price of one man is undiscoverable
The worth of one man is unsearchable
I hope you will have no other view
I hope you chose to love and that it helps you
Choose to be that one, worthy man. 
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