That Season Of Your Life.

That Season of Your Life: There are certain people you need at specific seasons in life.

Just as the bible says, there is time and purpose for everything; God has raised men as helpers and as guides as well as your helpmeet. In life, there is a likely chance that you will meet your soulmate in a season without discovering it or having any intentions for marriage. Even at that, God needs you to grow and be focused on fulfilling your purpose; He knows the best season for you to get married. 

The experience of Moses and His father-in-law, Jethro, explains this better. Moses met Jethro during the period when he needed a wife; after that, God separated them for a very long time; because of the mandate at hand, destiny was calling. 

Moses needed to focus on delivering the Israelites from the bondage of the Egyptians. Probably, if Jethro had been present during the exodus from Egypt, there might be a contest of knowledge and wisdom between the both of them, or he might not live to give good advice as when due. 

God brought Jethro back when Moses needed wise counsel; Moses was on the verge of getting weary because of his pattern of leadership; Jethro came at the right time and advised Moses to select capable men who could administer justice on small cases, while Moses settled the major issues between the Israelites. This advice came in handy because no one among the Israelites noticed the error going on, and no one among them had the boldness and authority to speak to Moses; then, God brought back Jethro. 

From the bible, that advice did not only save the Israelites, but it prolonged the life of their leader; Moses would have been worn out from stress. That advice also groomed leaders among the people of Israel. Just one piece of advice! Dear friend, that’s the relevance of times and seasons; that’s the importance of having specific people come into your life at different seasons; they might stay for a long period, or a short season, that does not matter. What matters is their impact, the fulfillment of purpose in your life. As humans, sometimes it dawns on you when you need a helper, a counselor, or someone who could tell the truth right to your face without mincing words. 

While having these feelings, your mind flashes back to the good friends you’ve had who fit into that position. Mind you, in that season; God is set to send someone back into your life to stand in that position again; it is a season, it is a phase. Whenever there is a need in your life, God sends in someone you have or may not have met, someone you trust; that individual comes into your life, makes an impact, and then leaves again. Moses never saw his father-in-law again after the second meeting; it was God’s agenda; don’t get worried when God takes that person away after a certain period of time. They are meant for a certain season. 

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