The Bad Effect Of Social Media

So, I posted a picture of myself on Facebook, having my hair completely shaved.

The view was massive, and I got many messages from people, friends, family, and even those I never knew could view my Facebook story. Some of those I don't even know or have any connection with. Most of them asked me why I had to cut my hair. ''Where is your hair, Monica? ''Why na'' ''Who is this''? ''What happened? ''Wetin, madam Monica? ''Nne, why now? ''Why did you cut your hair? While some complimented me with; ''Fantastic''. ''You look gorgeous''. ''This looks good on you''. ''You still look beautiful even on this'', etc.

Now let me tell you something. I didn't cut my hair; I can't see any reason I should because I have very long and beautiful hair, which I so cherish and adore. I only took a picture with a Snapchat filter. Brethren, that's how social media works. It portrays something fake as though it is real. It makes you believe what never existed as though there exists. Social media has destroyed so many people because they want to be like the person they see in the picture, not knowing that it's all staged. So many people have been misled because they want to be like Mr. A, not knowing that Mr. A is just fake.

People only present to you what they want you to see or know about them. One can be ugly, but just one good camera or a good make-up artist can change that ugly look into one beautiful Princess. I don't know how this social space affects you, but I would admonish you to never believe everything you see. Most people here are trying hard to be what they are not. Borrowing cars, clothes, shoes, etc., just because they want to belong, show off, and impress the world's people. Believe them at your own peril.

You come on social media and see people castigating men, telling you how they can't take shit from a man or in their marriage, but when you finally get closer to them, you will be shocked to see how they knee before their husbands, worshipping them even more than they worship God, but you ended your own marriage based on the silly advise you got from them. Be wise, sister of the Highest God. Someone is out here forming feminism; you want to join her even when you can't cater to your own personal needs. Na hunger goes humble your last.

They borrow cars to take pictures, lodge in a hotel, and tag it, ''my new car/mansion''. You get intimidated, get jealous, and start craving quick money. That's how you'll end up souring your hands and destroying your own future. Social media is a mirage, very unreal. The media fails to represent reality; it rather presents an unreal and unfair picture before you. You may think you have people based on the number of likes and comments you get on the platform, but not everyone who cheers you up on the media thinks highly of you. The more you look, the less you see.

Social media has become an integral part of the lives of most people, especially the young ones. These ones copy anything they see without filtering. It breaks my heart to see them falling prey day after day. This calls for the awakening of parents. Train up your child in the right direction so that he/she will not depart from it in time to come. So many homes are broken because everyone is seeking advice from online in-laws. Why do we have Kingsmen and family members? Why can't marital issues be settled at home again?

Everybody wants to trend, wants to be seen and be heard of. Therefore we must act mad and dress like harlots to get likes and engagements. May your village people never be blamed for the misfortune you brought upon yourself. What do I know about the self? I'm just an unserious fellow who likes to talk sense out of every nonsense. Be careful what you believe. Not everything is real out here. I love you all, dearly beloved.

Monica Ama

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