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The Bastard (chapter One)

"Mum! Mum!" Mrs. Ojochide Aso Gift was washing vegetables in the kitchen when she heard her little Angel calling.

Though Ojali Shidosasa turned sixteen two months ago, she still called her little Angel. She had trained her daughter in the way she should grow. Shidosasa, shortened to Sasa, was the godliest child she had ever known, and she was happy for her. "Yes, Sasa. I'm right here," she answered as her daughter walked into the kitchen. She left what she was doing and faced her. When she noticed the book in her hand, she didn't have to ask what she was about to say. She'd come with another of her questions. Sasa had always been an inquisitive child. "I want to ask you something from here," she said, indicating the book in her hand. With a knowing look, she sat on the kitchen table. "Alright, let's hear what you have to say," she said, gesturing to the stool.

"It's a statement made by Lois Hudson" she began referring to a character in a novel titled 'And the shofar blew' by their favorite author Francine Rivers. "Yes, what did she say?" Aso asked as her mind flashed back. She had read the book before. Her daughter and herself were addicted to novels, thanks to her best friend and little savior.

"She said; 'When you live with faithless men, you learn to lean on a faithful God.' " Sasa said, bringing her to the present. "Well...." Aso said as she cleared her throat, asking God for guidance in her heart." What she was trying to say is that sometimes, when we make decisions, many people will be against us. They won't have faith in us, and sometimes even our loved ones will be among these people, but since we're doing the right thing, we lean on God, who is ever so faithful," She explained, her thoughts already on her husband. Chide had a similar experience, and she thanked God every day for his life. "Just like Dad," Sasa said, grinning as if reading her mother's thought.

"Exactly," she replied, smiling as she relished the thought.

Ojochide Ichala was supposed to be the next chief priest of his village in Kuji and had chosen Christ over that. Facing opposition from people around him, even his beloved family, he had leaned on God. "Oh, now I get it," Sasa said, interrupting her mother's thoughts as she stood up. She pecked her on the cheek. "Thanks. I love you" "Love you too," Aso said, smiling as she watched her walk out of the kitchen. Her thought went back to the reason she was happy today, the person that brought a joy she'd never thought she would have. That person was still with her. Emiene was the one that made her exhibit the habit of reading and extending it to her daughter by sending a book every two weeks for them to read. Sasa loved Ene as if she were her own mother. At first, she was reluctant to read them, claiming they were too bulky for her tiny brain. But Ene was someone that never gave up. She was able to coax her by telling her the stories in such a way that made them real. A few days later, she came back from work to find her daughter reading one of the novels. "What changed your mind?" she asked.

Sasa shrugged and said. "I wanted to see for myself if what aunt Ene said was true." Ever since they both competed on who will be the first to finish the book. Chide also joined, and together with aunt Ene, they'll play a game of Q& A's during the weekend. With Ene having the highest score. 'Ene was always like that,' Aso thought as she chopped the vegetables. Her friend's life will never cease to amaze her. She was always talking to anyone she met about Christ. Her thoughts took her back to ten years ago when she was "still in the world." They both lived on the same day street of North Bank. Everyone knew Ene because she was always preaching or sharing the gospel of the salvation of Christ, as she called it. She recalled the day she was hurriedly washing her clothes in order to take a nap before the party she was invited to that evening when she heard a knock on their gate.

Thinking it was someone important, she opened the gate to find Ene; a little Bible clutched in her hand. Her countenance changed. Before she could ask what she was doing there, Ene greeted her. "Good morning, dear" she had a smile. "Thank you. But I really don't have the time or patience for any kind of sermon today. As you can see, I'm quite busy and am running out of time. So, whatever you have to say will wait for another day," Aso snapped. Ene smiled again. "Please, I won't take much of your time. I know you're busy, and I see you have quite a pile of clothes yet to be washed. Can we do the washing together?" Also couldn't resist the offer. While she wasn't in the mood for any religious talk, the request to help with her clothes won her heart over. 'At least it would make my work faster, and II will have more time to sleep before sunset,' she thought to herself; what did she have to lose? 

Ene was well known to many living on Eri street. She was nicknamed street pastor due to her fondness and dedication to talking about Christ and godliness. What was more fascinating about her was her exemplary lifestyle; even up until now, Aso still marveled at it. It was the way she lived and her relationship with people that endeared her to many. She was loving, patient, forgiving, and humble. Her life was remarkably the opposite of most of her peers. Aso remembered her discomfort as she talked passionately about Christ as they washed. At first, she listened halfheartedly, but as Ene continued, her words began to hit home. She spoke about his love for her, his sacrificial death on the cavalry to save her from sin and eternal damnation in Hell, and his desire that she should be saved before it would be too late. There and then, Aso broke down in tears as Ene held her. She repented of her sins and surrendered herself to Christ. That night, Ene sent the very first book Aso had ever read apart from her school books. Inside was a note that referred to a particular page. The heading was ' THE FATHER'S LOVE LETTER.' 

Aso's mind came back to the present. Ever since reading the letter, her life hasn't been the same.❤❤❤ Kamarida Okoroafor grew up with her parents, who attended Church regularly. Though they were religious and liked Church, their lives didn't reflect some of the teachings of Christ they heard in Church. They quarreled often, and her Dad would go days without talking to her Mom. The bad part was that she was at the receiving end of the fight. They were the proverbial elephants and she, the grass that suffered when they fought. As she grew up, they didn't really seem to care for her but for themselves and their Church activities. She had her own account with money deposited into it by both parents. Rida lived a double life. At home and in Church, she was one person, and the rest of the week in school, she was a completely different person. She skipped classes regularly to attend parties and events with friends.

One would consider her an average student thanks to the fact of her pretense of being a good girl by studying her books to impress her parents during the weekend. She thought she had found a new life where she could forget all the pains at home and was satisfied with it until she met Samaila Shidobani. The most handsome boy she had ever seen in her life. He was a star fallen from heaven. Almost every girl in class was infatuated with him, but all the boy's attention was on the most intelligent girl in class, Shidosasa. Sasa was the godliest girl Rida had ever met; not only that, she was free with everyone, even the teachers. She was also beautiful. Rida liked her because of the fact that she was friendly; the only thing she disliked the girl for was her love for Jesus. Sasa would talk about the salvation of Christ as if she were the mother of Christ, constantly talking about the danger of youthful passion and lust in the name of love. She watched in pain as Bani ran after the girl as if she were a goddess to no avail. When he turned to her, she felt on fire as if in heaven. Having the most handsome boy in class tell her he loved her and that he loved her. But was it really love, or was it infatuation?

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