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The Bastard (chapter Three)

According to the Forgaty international center, at the National Institute of Health in the US, by 16, a teenage relationship lasts about two years.

It had been about two months since Bani started dating her, and Rida was glad. They hung out together, and he was close to her friend Ochanya. The three of them were good together, so they were told many a time. She was talking with Ochanya about a friend's birthday party when Bani walked up to them. "Hey, baby." She said, " Can we talk?" He said, not even acknowledging her greeting. By the look on his face, she could see it was serious. "Okay. I'm all ears" He glanced at Ochanya and looked at her. "In private, please."

Rida was confused. Bani had always been comfortable around her friend; why the sudden change in behavior? The worst part was that Ochanya, who was always chatty, was quiet and avoided eye contact. "What's going on here?" She demanded, looking from friend to boyfriend. "I have to go," Ochanya whispered; Rida barely heard her as she walked away. She turned to Bani. "What is it you wanted to say" "It's about us," he replied. Her heart skipped a beat. She wasn't going to like this. She could see it in his eyes. "I don't think it's right." He announced. "What's not right? I don't understand."

He seemed to struggle with what he wanted to say. "To be sincere, I don't love you anymore." Rida felt like someone had just pulled her heart out of her body. " What are you saying?" "Why are you making this hard?" He snapped, "I can't do this anymore" " said you loved me. I proved it more than once, and then you're telling me this?" "Look. I appreciate what you did," he replied rudely." But I don't love you anymore, I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I don't think it was love. It was just infatuation" "But..But.." she tried to speak, but the lump in her throat wouldn't let her. "No buts Rida. I'm sorry, but we're done. If you will excuse me, I have to get to class" With that, he turned and walked away.

"Why are you doing this to me" she whimpered. She felt like a part of her had gone with him as she watched him walk away. "I loved you," she whispered between sobs " I loved you, and you did this to me." "Hey, you! What are you doing there?" She heard a voice say? " Don't you realize the break is over?" She turned to see the duty master walking toward other students and ordering them to their classes. She wiped her face with her handkerchief and hurried to class.❤❤❤ "Excuse me, sir, please may I come in?" Sàsà heard a voice say, and she looked up from her classwork to see Rida standing by the door.

"Where have you been?" The teacher demanded, "Didn't you know the break was over long ago?"

"I'm sorry, Sir," she replied. "I was in the restroom" "Get in and get busy with the class activity." "Thank you, sir," she said and walked quickly to her seat. From her seat, Sàsà noticed that Ochanya didn't acknowledge Rida as she sat down. Something must be wrong because it was unlike Ochanya to ignore her friend; what fueled her suspicion was that even Bani refused to acknowledge her. What made her sure and also sad was what she saw when Rida was standing by the door. Rida had tears in her eyes.

As Rida sat down, she thought Ochanya was going to ask her about Bani's talk with her, but Ochanya didn't acknowledge her presence; she let it go because a teacher was in class. She glanced at Bani and saw he was occupied with the class activity. As soon as the teacher left, she approached her, "Ochanya, I need your help" "Yes, what is it" her friend asked her mind clearly somewhere else, and it seemed she had somewhere important to be, but Rida was delaying her. "It's Bani; he broke up with me." She said as another wave of tears threatened to erupt. "So, what do you want me to do?" Ochanya said, clearly unconcerned. "What? I told you Bani broke up with me, and you're asking me that?" She was clearly shocked. "Of course. He's your boyfriend; after all, you're closer to him than I am." She replied with sarcasm, but Rida seemed not to have noticed. "Alright. I'll see what I can do." 

"Thanks," She said, hugging her, but the hug wasn't reciprocated. "I have to see the English teacher now if you don't mind," Ochanya said, and without another word, she walked away. Rida bumped into Sàsà as she walked into the class. "Sorry," she muttered, trying to walk around her. "Can I talk to you, please?" Sàsà asked. "About what? If it's a sermon, just take it to someone else. I'm not in the mood." "I want to talk about you" "What about me? Okay," "I saw tears in your eyes when you walked into the class" "Tears?" Rida asked, faking surprise. It sounded lame to her ears, and she added, "Something must have entered my eyes" "It's Bani, isn't it?" 

Rida was shocked but covered it up quickly and said, "Why do you say that?" "I saw you glance at him, but he didn't return the look, and I overheard you telling Ochanya about the breakup," Sàsà replied bluntly. "It's nothing serious," she replied, avoiding eye contact. "I just want to say that I'm here if you need to talk." "I appreciate the concern, but I'll be fine." With that, she entered the class.

A few hours later, Rida was putting her books in her school bag to go home when a Junior student came into the class and gave her a note from Ochanya, informing her that she would be going to the market; therefore, they won't be going home together. She sighed softly as she read it. She hung her bag and headed out to wait for her driver. Just then, she met her class teacher, who told her that her driver had called saying he'll be late in picking her up. She returned to class, deciding to do her homework while waiting for him. She was surprised to see Sàsà in class, who was also surprised to see her. 

" I didn't know you were still in school." She said. "My driver's late in coming, and Ochanya's going to the market. So I decided to do my assignment while waiting for him. What about you? What are you still doing in school?" "I always do my assignment in school while waiting for my Mum every day. It has become a norm. Why don't we do it together since you're also waiting for your driver?" Sàsà suggested. Rida agreed and sat down. She admired Sàsà, who was somehow different from the rest of her classmates, especially the girls. The first of the most intelligent students and among the best in the entire school. She removed her notebook, and thirty minutes later, they were thorough and packed their books. As they walked slowly out of the school compound, they talked about each other, and Rida discovered that she was beginning to really like her; she didn't mind being friends and told her so. "It will be an honor to be your friend," Sàsà told her, smiling. " What of Ochanya?" She asked, knowing they usually go home together. 

"She said she would be going to the market," Rida replied. " How about us..." Rida began to say but stopped mid-sentence. They were outside the school gate, and right across the school gate were her best friend and boyfriend under a tree. "Oh, My!!!" Sàsà whispered, but Rida seemed not to have heard her. Her attention was completely on the two people under the tree. Not only was Ochanya sitting on Bani's lap, but they were cuddling. Jealousy pricked at her as Rida watched them. Among the billion thoughts running through her mind, the most dominant was the one she was telling herself, trying to convince herself that they were just talking. She had asked Ochanya to talk to Bani on her behalf, and that was what they were doing, talking about how she and Bani would be reconciled and everything will be back to normal. Just then, she sighted her driver; she doubled her steps to meet him, not noticing Sàsà, who was looking from the two under the tree to her and back. " Will you be alright?" Sàsà asked her as she opened the car door. " Yes. Thanks," Rida replied. "See you tomorrow." "Bye," Sàsà replied as the car drove away, afraid to tell her newfound friend that this wasn't the first time she had seen Bani and Ochanya together.❤❤❤

 "Is Ochanya not going home together with you today?" Rida's driver asked as they drove home. He was used to picking both of them up from school since they lived close. "She won't be going home until later." She replied, her thoughts far away. He didn't say anything; studying her in the rearview mirror, he concluded that something was off since he, also like Rida and Sàsà, had seen Ochanya and Bani under the tree. They drove the rest of the way home in silence.

 "Good afternoon, Dad," Rida greeted as she walked into the living room. He was on the computer, as usual; a grunt was the answer to her greeting. She shrugged and moved on to her room. Sometimes, she felt like giving up on the act of being a good girl. She dropped her bag pack and undressed. As she pulled up her shirt over her head, a piece of paper fell from her breast pocket. She picked it up. It was the note that Ochanya had sent to her in school which made her reevaluate today's events. According to the note, she said she would be going to the market, which meant she would have left before school dismissed because if she were going after school, her friend knew she would have insisted they go together but rather than going to the market as she had said, she was sitting with Bani outside the school after most of the students had gone home. If she wanted to talk to Bani on her behalf, why not say so? Why lie about it? She remembered Ochanya walking away when Bani was about to break up with her, thinking something was off about both Ochanya and Bani's behavior. She quickly dismissed her concerns hoping it wasn't what she was thinking.

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