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The Bastard (chapter Four)

"Anything wrong with the food?" Aso asked her daughter as they ate their dinner. She had noticed that Sàsà wasn't herself since she picked her up from school, and now she was playing with her food, her mind certainly far away. "Nothing Mum." Sàsà sighed. "

I'm just concerned about Rida." "What about her?" Her dad asked." I think her relationship with Bani is about to come to an end." "Why do you say that?" Her mum asked. "We were talking today after school while she was waiting for her driver, who was late in picking her up. We walked out of the school gate and saw Ochanya and Bani under the tree across the school gate." "Who's Ochanya?" "'Rida's best friend.", she replied."So what happened?" Her mum asked. " Well..." Sàsà said, hesitating, "They were sitting together."

"So, what's wrong with that?" Chide asked. "I mean, he knows she's his girlfriend's best friend and vice versa." " Actually, before that, I overheard a conversation between her and Ochanya." "And?" Her mum asked."Well, Rida was pleading with her friend to talk to Bani on her behalf, and she agreed." " Maybe that's what they were doing, talking." Her dad chipped in. "They were cuddling under the tree, and besides, before we came out, I asked her about Ochanya because they usually go home together, and she said Ochanya sent a message saying she would be going to the market." "So, what was she doing outside with Bani?" Her mum asked. "Maybe she was talking to him. Remember, she promised to do so." Her dad reasoned. "Then why lie about it? Why not simply say she was going to talk to him instead of lying about it?" "Unless she's hiding something." her dad noted.  

"Besides.." Sàsà added, "This isn't the first time I am seeing them together."You mean Rida and Bani?" Her mum asked. "No. Ochanya and Bani." "It seems there's more to this than meet the eye." That's why I am afraid.", Sàsà said sadly."Afraid of what?" Her mum asked. "Am afraid that this will break her. I mean, she thought he loved her." " It won't be the first time a girl's best friend will become her boyfriend's girlfriend." her dad mumbled."This could be an opportunity, you know."

"How can this be an opportunity?" Sàsà asked, perplexed." She thinks she's found love, but she's been disappointed. You just step in and show her what true love is, show her the true love of Christ." That will be great," she replied excitedly."Your mum's right. But be careful," her dad cautioned, "You wouldn't want to rush it and then have her running somewhere else for love again." " I know." she replied, smiling, "I have to be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent." "That's my girl," her mum said, tapping her on the head. "Now, why don't we continue with our dinner?" "Oh yes. I forgot to mention would you cook tomorrow, please? I'm beginning to prefer your cooking to your mum's." he said to Sàsà teasingly. "Then why are you eating it." her mum asked, snickering. "It's because I have no choice." was the reply. "Don't worry, dad, I'll cook tomorrow. Besides, why don't you like Mum's cooking? She taught me, you know. She's like the master and I the servant." "Haven't you heard that the servant will someday become greater than the master?" "Whatever." Her mum said, pretending not to have heard them. "Somebody's jealous." her dad teased. "Who's jealous?" She scoffed. "Don't worry, when your daughter leaves this house, you will see who will cook for you" "God said not to be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself." He countered. "Well, better enjoy it while it lasts, because when she's gone, You're 'OYO' " Seeing the sad look on her Dad's face, Sàsà came to his rescue, "Don't worry, dad, I'll teach you how to cook so you won't have to suffer."

"I know how to cook." he replied, "It's just that your mother seems to have a secret ingredient that makes my stomach rumble whenever I perceive the aroma of her food." "No problem. I'll show you the secret ingredient," she told him. "Really?" He asked excitedly. "Really ."She replied, "But you will have to buy that dress I told you about; it doesn't come free. Mum made me suffer for a week before she showed it to me." "Ah." he exclaimed " You are your mother's daughter after all. That's how she used to finish my money, and now you have joined her." "Common, dad," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Are you not the one that said nothing good comes easy?" "Ok, no problem. I'll gladly buy it for you" "If I had been the one, you would say no money, but as it concerns your daughter, you're saying no problem," her mum grumbled. "Ntoo!!. She's my daughter, go and meet your father if you need money." he joked. "Anyways, we'll cross the bridge when we get to it," she replied. "So now you're quoting proverbs for me have?" He said, laughing. "See your Mum Sàsà? She's trying to threaten me with proverbs." "Whatever," she said, ignoring them as they discussed the schedule for their cooking lessons.💙💙💙

Rida couldn't sleep as she thought of the outcome of the meeting between Ochanya and Bani. She arrived at school at the same time Sàsà's Mum had dropped her off. They walked into the school together, talking as if they'd been friends for a long time. Friday was set aside for class assembly; therefore, they were having devotion in the class instead of at the assembly ground as they would have on other days of the week. Their school's made up of five blocks with four classrooms per block and three other blocks for the staff room, principal's office, and library. Rida's classroom faced the main entrance to the school. She had barely settled down when she looked up to see Ochanya and Bani walk hand in hand into the school compound. She hated to admit it, but they were behaving like lovers. Someone hailed Bani, and he excused himself from Ochanya and went off to join his friends. Rida turned to intercept Ochanya as she headed to the class alone and bumped into Sàsà.

"Be careful." Sàsà cautioned her. She was so caught up watching Ochanya and Bani that she didn't notice her. From the look on Sàsà's eyes, Rida knew immediately that she had also seen Ochanya and Bani walk into the school. She smiled at her reassuringly and headed for the door just as Ochanya was coming in. "Can we talk?" She said, looking at her friend."Oh! Hi Rida. I didn't see you standing by the door." She looked nervous. "What do you want to talk about?"About your meeting with Bani. You promised, remember?" "Oh, about that.." she replied sheepishly. "I haven't gotten the chance to talk to him about it yet. Maybe tomorrow." "What do you mean?" Rida asked, surprised. "Are you saying you didn't meet with him since our talk yesterday?" "Yes. I haven't seen him. I sent to inform you I was going to the market, right?" "Ok. What if this morning?" She asked, wondering why her friend would lie to her. " About that, we met at the school gate and walked in together, she replied. "Ehen? What of yesterday? Under the tree not far from the school gate?" "I...I." she looked surprised, afraid to have been caught.

Rida dreaded asking, but she had to, " What's with you and Bani? Are you in a relationship?" Ochanya looked defeated, at a loss for words. "He... He told me you didn't love him anymore. That you broke up with him, and I believed him." The revelation didn't hurt as she expected it to. "And you believed him? You couldn't even ask me, your best friend but believed him?" "I'm sorry. I didn't know he was lying, she replied, but looking at her, Rida knew she didn't mean it. "Sorry is just a word. Sincerity would do." She replied. Looking behind Ochanya, she saw Bani coming. She quickly walked out of the class to the restroom. "At least I have the privacy to console myself," she muttered. She felt nauseous and threw up on the grass; it struck her then that this wasn't the first time she was throwing up; it had happened just yesterday and the day before. She hoped it wasn't what she thought because if it was, her life would be ruined.

" Are you alright." she heard a voice say and turned around to see Sàsà. "Am fine, she replied, struggling to keep the tears from flowing out but unable to. "Do you want to talk about it?" "It's just... I thought he loved me; she replied more to herself than to Sàsà. "We talked about the family we would have. He was just deceiving me." "My Dad used to say that what most boys of our generation seek is a girl's body in a relationship. Once they have it, they're gone in a jiffy." "I guess I'm not worthy of anyone's love, she said dejectedly. "Don't say that Sàsà replied, taking her hands. "Jesus loves you. We don't deserve his love, but he has given it freely." "I've always wanted to be like you, Rida said, smiling sadly. " Your love, intelligence, and passion for God. Sometimes I wish I were you." "It's not me you admire, but Jesus in me." She replied. "He'll do the same for you if you let him," Rida scoffed. "If you know what I've done, you won't even be sitting next to me."

"It doesn't matter," Sàsà assured her. "Like Kate Kerr once said, 'Don't wait until you clean up your heart before giving it to Jesus. He'll accept you as you are and then change you inside out. " "I would have believed you long ago," she replied. "But I'm not sure. Especially now that I'm... I'm.." she couldn't speak loud, her fear that she could be pregnant. But Sàsà seemed not to have heard her. "That won't be a problem," she said. "Maybe we could talk more, and I have a letter I would love to give you; it was the same letter that was given to my Mum by her friend." "I appreciate all you have done for me." "Anytime. Let's get to class; she replied, standing up as she saw the principal leaving the staff room, which meant their form teacher would soon be on his way to class.

Walking into the class, he noticed that Ochanya had relocated to Bani's seat. She almost broke down in tears. But Sàsà came to her rescue. "You can sit with me. Don't let them win." She smiled in appreciation, unable to speak and wondering if the feeling of nausea was a sign of pregnancy and, if yes, what to do about it. She made up her mind to do a pregnancy test. She contemplated whether to go to her family doctor or a clinic but chose the latter, knowing if she went to her family doctor, her parents would hear of it immediately.💙💙💙

"So, what did you do?" Aso asked her daughter after she had narrated to her what transpired the day before at school. It was Saturday, and they were driving home from the market."I talked to her and promised to give her a copy of aunt Ene's letter., and she replied. "The one she gave to you, remember?" "Oh yes, I remember," Aso said, smiling at the memory. "I think I have it in my purse. You can have it" Sàsà quickly fished it out. "Here it is. I may have to wait till Monday." She added sadly. "But don't you think..." Her mum was saying, eyes on the road but stopped mid-sentences she noticed a girl walk down the road carelessly. " Oh my goodness! What is wrong with that girl?"

Sàsà looked up and saw the girl her mum was talking about and exclaimed in shock. "That's Rida!!" As her mum tried to park the car by the roadside, she put her head through the window and shouted. "Rida!!!"

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