The Battle Of Stigmatization

The world is cruel enough. No one hopes for a battered tommorow. But the insensitivity of most has pulled a lot of innocent souls into the web of denial. No one survives on stigmatization, so beware.

What a journey. You know, while I was growing up, I endured many harsh treatments from various people who eventually learned about my sickness. That being said, I must let you know that I am epileptic and that I once lived on the verge of being completely loved. The majority of people rejected me, and acceptance felt unreal. Since "bad omen" was displayed on every pointer, I had to make rapid U-turns everywhere I looked. As a result of my ideas taking over my entire body and making me feel stuck, I later had very unpleasant consequences. Even though I sobbed aloud every day, my heart was broken by another ambush in a different area.

We all suffer from a variety of illnesses, some of which are physical, others behavioral (addictions, avarice, procrastination, laziness), others societal (inferiority complex, fears of the unknown, etc.), and so forth. However, the majority had ignored all of that and was instead concentrating on those who were having a difficult time just getting by. Breathing is difficult for them. Nobody would pass through if you were given access with the card that is inscribed with "perfection," though.

Ever questioned why the frail and pallid woman who lived in your neighborhood poisoned herself? Have you ever questioned the cause of the attractive man's roof-fall? Have you ever wondered why there are more people in the mental ward every day? Hmm, perhaps it's because they were led to believe that denying themselves is the key to finding freedom. Have you ever pondered the existence of imperfection? Then you shouldn't doubt a dear human like you feeling anguish. Contrary to popular belief, I did not get epilepsy at birth. Life had its plans, not mine.

Make it your goal today to intentionally accept those souls that are struggling to survive. Their recuperation will go more quickly because of the love and acceptance, which will also help them feel like they're not alone. Because we are all humans, our differences do not separate us. In actuality, love makes our flaws perfect.

I'm delighted I survived life to show other victims who are suffering from similar conditions that we are not constrained by our alleged illness. The complex fabric of reality has us all entangled. A pattern of change that can be intimately connected in harmony and affection should be a result of our differences.

Say NO to stigmatization 

Say YES to brotherly love.

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