The Battle You Can Never Win No Matter Who Is Backing You

Dear Child of God, under the leadership of a Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist, Mentor, etc. Congratulations for being saved, baptized with the Holy Spirit, and given authority to tread on scorpions and serpents.

You have been given the grace to access God through Jesus Christ; you have gained access to the lamb's blood, which is enough to conquer all challenges and battles of life. However, "the battle against your spiritual father" is a battle you can never win, no matter who is backing you or anyone supporting your views. Many of us are so loved by our Pastors and Mentors that they have given us so much access to their lives, either physically or online. We can freely wake up and say "good morning, Papa/Sir," and then they reveal so much to us. Don't be part of those who abuse the access these men give. If you know the weakness of your mentor/pastor, it is because he gave you the access you don't deserve! Imagine for a moment; if Noah had locked himself up alone in his bedroom to drink his stuff, he would wake up and adjusted himself all by himself, without any Son seeing him and coming under a curse.

Your Pastor/Mentor could have done something annoying, not acceptable, or committed a sin, but it is not in your position to pick a battle from it, judging him or spreading the news based on the access you have enjoyed from him. Just like David, you may be anointed to kill Goliath but will forever not be anointed and permitted to Kill Saul. Seek counsel from David whenever you see him. You cannot erase the man who raised you. You cannot dishonor the man who made people honor you. Don't allow a taste of knowledge, exposure, a taste of blessing, and affluence to make you behave rudely to people whose ministry is older than you!

Why become warfare to the man who took care of your welfare? In most cases, your father may be the one who wronged you, but still remember, the God who anointed David to kill Goliath will not allow him to kill Saul even though Saul was seeking his life. One of the Sons of Noah exposed his father's nakedness, forgetting it was his father's righteousness that once saved him from the flood!

I am not here to defend the errors of Spiritual Fathers but if by chance you are aware of their errors, allow their Heavenly Father to deal with them in His own way and time if they don't repent. I have seen sons fight their Spiritual Fathers on behalf of the Heavenly Father only to be punished by the same Heavenly Father. You know why every fight against spiritual authority reminds God of satan's rebellion against Him.

If you have found yourself guilty of this act, spreading the errors of a true servant of God who you have once enjoyed their grace, I am imploring you to seek forgiveness. Let us pray for Spiritual Fathers: Dear Lord, we ask you to keep our Fathers all over the World from failing and falling.

Help them to live a life of Scriptural examples at all times. For those going through the pain of betrayal, heal them and bring them out stronger. Some are bleeding and leading at the same time; let your grace be sufficient for them. This we ask for; in Jesus' Mighty name, we have prayed. AMEN.

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