The Beautiful Beasts

This is a story about some fishermen who caught ugly creatures as they .went fishing. What did they do to the creatures? Lets find out as we read together. Happy reading.

Once upon a time, in a certain village called Tama, their occupation was mostly fishing. Very few of them engaged in farming. The fishermen were no more happy with their poor catch each time they went fishing. It became a source of concern for them, and many were discouraged from going fishing. There was, however, one man named Argo; he was seen by most villagers as a good-for-nothing man. Only his wife and two children believed otherwise. He and his family continued to go fishing, mostly not catching much. They sell some and eat the rest. The villagers mocked them every now and then, but they were not perturbed.

So, this particular morning, as they were ready to go fishing, as usual, their neighbor's daughter Ocama poured hot water on Ugah, the wife of Argo. That prevented her from following her husband fishing. One of their sons had to stay back to assist his mother. Argo hurriedly left with his first born and son named Dago. Father and son were in a bad mood, especially as Ocama refused to apologize and her mother Sotari supported her daughter, saying, 'Ugah was lucky the hot water did not pour on her lovely daughter; else she would have ended their miserable lives for them.

At the river, Argo was absent-minded, he cast the net farther than necessary, so the net was caught in the mangroves. He had to go and loosen the net and cast it again. Surprisingly, the net had caught two strange creatures one was a male, and the other one was a female. The creatures were too weak to attack, and he had pity on them and took them home. He did not catch any fish for food or for sale. They went home empty but for the creatures.

As they approached the village, a large crowd gathered to see what Argo carried in his boat that was so huge. He explained to the people how he caught the strange creatures. The people told him to go and explain himself to the king. After narrating everything to the king, the king said Argo should stay with the creatures in his house. The king made that decision hoping that Argo and his family would be killed by the strange creatures. Argo had no choice; he took the creatures home and also narrated the whole story to his wife. She comforted him and gave him food to eat; he was surprised because he thought there was no food left in the house. The wife explained that they had enough food that could last them for another three months. She also gave the creatures food to eat, which made the creatures like Argo and his family.

The creatures had stayed for a week with Argo and his family, they saw that the fisherman was not going fishing again, and they tried to communicate using signs to talk with Argo; he told them that the king said he stay with them at home and not go anywhere, but he does not know for how long he would continue to stay at home doing nothing. The creatures decided to help Argo; they told him to go and cut palm fronds, he went and brought many, and they taught the fisherman a new skill. The skill of broom making, he and his wife and children sat at home making brooms and eating the food left in the house that the villagers thought they were dead. The creatures taught them how to make mats; oh, it was a wonderful experience.

On the market day, most of the villagers were gathering their farm crops to go and sell, they were shocked to see Argo coming out with strange things, and once again, the villagers gathered around him. He showed them how the brooms were used and introduced mats to them. They were fascinated, and almost all the villagers were eager to buy, but he had to go to the king first to get approval. He went to the palace, and the king said no one should buy. Oh, Argo was really sad, but he sold it all at the market to other villagers. The fame of Argo went far into other villages that their kings traveled a long distance to see Argo. Custom demands they must greet the king first before going to see Argo. So the king was receiving great men from far and near because of a man who had no respect in his village and amongst his kinsmen.

The creatures were still living with Argo, and they felt much better; he asked if they could find their way back home? They said yes, but that they had one more thing to do for the village. Argo was curious; what could that be, he wondered? The creatures were really ugly, so for people not to be scared, they had to cover their faces. The fisherman took them to the mangrove, and they took all they needed and came back. In the night, when people were fast asleep, the creatures set to work. They worked till the early hours of the morning, teaching Argo every step as they progressed. By morning they were done. Argo will no longer go to the stream to fetch water. There was a well to fetch from any time they needed water. Argo was so excited that he called all the villagers to come and see what the creatures have done for the village.

The king heard of it and was furious but pretended to be happy. He planned with some youths to go and kill the creatures because he was afraid Argo's fame was spreading like wildfire. On the day that the creatures were to be killed, the king was visited by a very famous king, and he insisted on seeing Argo and his family. At this time, Argo now sees the creatures as a family, so they do not use to hide them in the bedroom again. They all sit in the compound, play, eat, and work together. So when the famous king was told to come into the compound, he saw the creatures and shouted for joy.

The famous king danced, the creatures seeing the famous king also leaped up and danced, and Argos and his family joined in the celebration and danced. The villagers heard the shouts and came to ask questions, but they also joined and danced; their king heard the noise and was forced to leave his palace; he also joined and danced. After dancing for a while, the famous king told the villagers that they had been looking for these people; the villagers were surprised and asked, are these human beings? The king said yes, and explained that they were victims of jealousy; someone did this to them, and they ran away from the village. "I have been looking for them for a long time. Thank God I saw them today; we will go home together".


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