The Beauty Of A Nature

The beauty found in nature; With her power, ingenuity, and sheer; Fascinates our reasoning and emotions;

The beauty found in nature,
With her power, ingenuity, and sheer,
Fascinates our reasoning and emotions,
With delight that cannot be measured.

The songs of forest birds,
The lovely fragrance of flowers,
Sounds of the wind blowing through trees,
All are the perfect work of mother nature.

With the passage of time and season,
The resplendent sun and moon,
All make me wonder,
About the beauty of nature.

The sky is the beauty of nature,
Her beauty is the shining rays of the morning,
And the powdery darkness of the night.
Her emotions are pure like freshwaters.

The joyful splashes of river fishes,
The amazing shapes of hills and mountains
The symbol of the colorful rainbow
Shows your beaming smile oh mother nature!

The appearance of the sun that reigns over daylight,
And vanishes without seeing the dusk.
The lamp of the moon that illuminates the night,
And vanishes without seeing the dawn.
Mysteries are the beauty of nature.
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