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The Best Of Time ⌚

There is time for everything on earth. Don't bypass the appointed time of God because it is the best time of all...

Mr. Kalu and his beautiful, loving, and caring wife Ada were the best couple that ever liveth in Ibeme village. They were very humble and God-fearing and despised their possessions and status in society. There has never been a report of conflict or disagreement between them. They did a lot of things collectively and were very loyal to each other. This great virtue possessed by this couple made everyone who knew about them admire them so greatly and forever wish their marriage to be as peaceful and loving as that of Mr. Kalu and his wife, Ada. However, as great as their marriage was, they had a problem known as childlessness.

One day Ada approached her husband with her face covered with tears but short of words. Her husband was greatly terrified as he asked with so much curiosity, "my love, what has gone wrong? I have never seen you with tears, and I never believe my eyes are seeing you in this state. Since the day we met each other, they only make up with you where is a lovely smile. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. What happened? Please tell me, my dear. If I have offended you, just tell me. I will not hesitate to apologize and seek your forgiveness, but she still remains mute 🔕. Or did anyone tell you that I am in a relationship with someone else out of our marriage due to our state of childlessness ?. If yes, I can assure you that it is a pure lie from the pit of hell. I will, for no reason, go for an alternative no matter the situation. You remain indispensable and irreplaceable in my heart ♥ dear, but she was still dumb to let go of a word. Or are you hiding anything from me that you need me to forgive you of, be free to tell me; everything will be fine.


Ada finally broke the silence with her kneels before her husband and said honey, yes, yes, Mr. Kalu replied with an eagerness to know what was up. There has never been and will never be a man or a husband loving, caring, or faithful as you are. Despite our situation, you still remain faithful and loyal to me. You have done nothing wrong against me to be forgiven of, but I do. Please forgive me for all the inconvenience I have done against you as she paused ⏸ for a little while. Mr. Kalu was mute for a moment as he thought within himself that women could never be trusted. So my wife actually has a cockroach in the cupboard and never let me know all this while. He asked my dear, just tell me what it is, and I will be willing to forgive you for whatever damage you have done in the past he said with a fainting voice. I know that you are not pleased with our present situation of childlessness, she said.

Since our union for over 30 yrs, there has been no fruit in our marriage, I am unable to bear you children, and I want to beg of you to marry another wife that can bear children for you. I have accepted my childlessness as my own fact because there is no doubt that I will never be a mother, for I am over a decade above my childbearing age... Every family member disowned you because of your reluctantness and refusal to marry another wife as they instructed. They have erased your name from the family's lineage due to your love for me. I seek your forgiveness for all this that has befallen you for my own sake. I want you to reconsider their advice and do according to how they have instructed just to reconcile back with them. Mr. Kalu replied, my dear, you are joking. Is this the reason why you have been shedding tears all this while?. Is this the inconvenience you have caused me? You surely deserve not to be forgiven because you have done nothing wrong. You are not at fault or responsible for our childlessness or fruitlessness because God is the only one who crowns the effort of each of us. You know we'll that we are in the position of a farmer who went to the farm to sow, but God gave the increase.

Ada turned to her husband; I know God gave the increase and blessed our effort, but what other efforts can be seen in me to be blessed with a child? I am over a decade above my childbearing age, and my womb might have been closed up for a while... Don't you remember the story of Sarah, or have you forgotten the story of Hannah? Mr. Kalu asked. They had a similar encounter with us, but the Lord did it. He has done it before and will do it again, be at rest, my dear Mr. Kalu said... TWO years later, Ada repeated the previous action (crying), and she promised her husband not to stop 🛑 until her request was granted. Seeing how desperate she was about this agitation, Mr. Kalu had no option but to marry another wife called Chisom.


A few years after the union, Mr. Kalu and Chisom their situation still persisted. Mr. Kalu went for a medical test with his wife to see if they were okay and compatible with bearing a child, but all report was good for them. He (Mr. Kalu) bothered not to do the same test for Ada because she had passed her childbearing age...

A few months later, Ada was rushed to the hospital of a sudden illness that had just Emerged for about three days. The doctor spent days diagnosing what was wrong but could not come up with an actual result or report of the problem. Mr. Kalu griped the laboratory coat of doctors, saying, doctor, doctor, how is my wife? How is her health? is she responding to treatment? What exactly is the matter with her?.he asked profusely. I guess it is high blood pressure due to her several thoughts about our childless situation. Aaaahhh, this woman will not kill me before my time. Despite the way I assured her to be at rest, she still wanted to kill herself...

The doctor takes a deep breath hmmmmmm. We are sorry, sir; we actually tried our best but, .... But,. .. But,... But what doctor? Mr. Kalu interrupted the doctor's speech, fell to the ground, and fainted before he was revived. He gained consciousness with a tear in his eyes. Doctors, please tell me it is a lie that my wife has gone ahead of me to meet our ancestors. Do you mean you tried your best but couldn't rescue my wife?. The doctor replied hmm, it is well, anyway; I never said we lost your wife, but you were the one that interrupted my speech and gave a conclusion. I was actually saying that we tried our best to diagnose the sickness but could not come up with something really believable until it was confirmed through the test. We discovered something like pregnancy in your wife but could not give a conclusion until confirmation was made through a medical test. CONGRATULATIONS, SIR, YOUR WIFE IS 4 MONTHS PREGNANT. Mr. Kalu smiled and said to the doctor; you don't mean my wife is too old to conceive, but the wife replied, the. Lord has done it dearly. A few months later, she put to birth a bouncing set of twins, a boy, and a girl. As they leap for joy, saying to God that time is the best.

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