Nuhu Bulus 11 months ago

The Bird That Refuses To Fly

Woosssss...; What day is it on the calendar?; every day, heart expectant like I was a lender;


What day is it on the calendar?
Every day, my heart was expectant, like I was a lender.
Eagerly wait, but my heart isn't gonna go tender.
Oouch, the bird can't fly. I think it's lost a feather.

Days of holding back, 
Never ready to mend the crack.
Now lost in the track, 
Seems like my program has surely been hacked.

Yes, I know I did years ago, 
But the memories are still fresh; they just refuse to go.
How I love to set sail.
But seems my feathers are tied down with a long rigid coil.

Is it possible to fly again?

Would I ever fly again?

Yea, used to be a thief, 
But I've stopped, didn't I?
Why still robbed of my peace?
Seems like this bird has really lost some feathers.

A playboy I once was, 
oh, what catastrophic fun I had.
But now I've stopped, didn't I?
Why, then, is fate playing me?

Move on, they say, fly!!!
Spread your wings and forget the past.
But the memories and guilt just won't go.
Seems my feathers are pinned to my tragedy.

Fly, oh eagle, fly!! They say.
But this eagle is no bolder than a young chic newly from the hatch.
I'm scared that on my very first flight, my wings might not meet the strange demands of the wind.

Oh, maybe I belong to the ground, 
I have no place amongst the people of the sky.
Hunted by guilt and fear, 
The eagle has lost its pride.

Then the word came.
Though I have smitten you, I shall yet again grant you strength.
Though I have crushed you, 
You shall once again become a tower.

What I need from you is a broken heart;
Not a broken confidence.

Oh, young eaglet, allow me to take off this rigid strand of guilt around you, 
Then you will soar above the skies, 
And once again, reclaim your home amongst the stars.

Yes, yes, it is possible;
The strength of Yahweh shall uplift you.
And shall train your wings to fly
And your spirit, in the ways of flight.

Yes, it is possible to fly again.

I am Mins. Nsparck 🔥🔥🔥
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