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The Bite From My Best Friend

Do vampires exist? I think they do...“so Jasmine, you finally agree that I'm smarter than you,” Levi says as he raises his hands to ruffle my dark hair, I slap it away and he laughs.

"Oh please, that was one time" I roll my eyes and walk faster. Trust Levi to rub your weak moments in your face. If not that, he has been my best friend since I started high school, and I wouldn't take his taunts so lightly. So what if I thought watermelons grew on trees, that doesn't mean I'm dumb...right? "hey, slow down...fine, I won't tease you about it anymore," Levi replies with a bright smile as he walks to meet up with me. Why is he so cute? No, scratch that; why is he so hot?

Okay, I may have a little crush on my best friend... okay, fine, a huge crush on my best friend. Don't know how long since it started, but I like him a lot. I just get this irresistible pull towards him, like we just fit. Why haven't I told him, you ask?... Well, I just don't have the courage to, I freak out when I try, and I'm scared too. Levi has a lot of girls that flock around him because of how handsome he is, and he has dated quite a lot of girls. I just feel like I don't fit in with the kind of girls he dated, and I wouldn't want to make our friendship awkward if I get rejected. So I decided to just keep it to myself...sad, I know. Oh well...

I realize that I have been literally swooning at him and immediately look away. "whatever, we need to hurry... We are already late for chemistry". As I said that, Levi suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me along as he ran. I shouted and told him to slow down, but he didn't listen; instead, he laughed at my miserable self, trying so hard not to fall. I am a terrible runner, but Levi is the school's number one runner. Pfft! Show off. I stopped shouting as I got weird stares, and instead, I focused on not slipping and falling to my death. We finally arrive in front of the class, and I struggle to catch my breath while Levi stands there with amusement in his intoxicating black orbs. "Levi... You. Are. So. Dead," I say in between breaths. "seriously, that was just a 30 seconds sprint; why do you look like you want to pass out any second?" he teases. "what? 30 seconds my ass, dude that's 5 minutes run" I answer. He just rolls his eyes in response and reaches for the glass door. "what if I had tripped and broken a fragile part of my body?" I ask casually as I do a short checkup on myself.

He opens the door but turns around to face me. "baby girl, every part of your body is always fragile...and I will never let you get hurt" he holds my gaze with all seriousness and charm that made my knees go weak. And that's one problem with Levi; I always get confused with him. Sometimes I feel like he likes me too, but other times he acts neutral, like an annoying friend. Ugh! And they say girls are complicated. "well, well well, late for class and still in love... Perfect. Perhaps detention with giving you enough space and time to express yourselves and confess your you go," The teacher says and waves at us with a smile. I blushed red while the class laughed, and death glares were sent from some girls too. I don't even wait for Levi as I lower my head and walk quickly to the detention room. Jeez! Why would he say that? Now all the girls probably hate me more...not like I really care.***

Detention finally ended, but I made sure to give Levi an earful throughout for making me get detention...In his defense, he didn't know I would be so flustered. What a joke...I wasn't flustered at all. Seriously I wasn't. We are walking out of the empty school when some guy approaches us. "fancy seeing you here, Levi," he says with a fake smile. His face has a dangerous look to it, and his eyes are as black as midnight with no whites. He is freakishly creepy. Levi pushes me behind him and takes a defensive stance. "what do you want, Damien?" His voice was thick and firm. I have never seen Levi this serious. "oh, nothing, just strolling around...What do we have here? Who is she?" he answers and asks as he gives me a wink that sends shivers down my spine. "none of your business. Leave," Levi ordered sharply. There was something with the way his order sounded like you must do you are compelled to do them. "You know that shit doesn't work on me," The guy says and laughs smugly.

I don't understand what all this is about, but I sure am not waiting around to find out. I mean, this guy screams trouble. I take Levi's hand and pull him, signaling that we should leave. He reluctantly starts to walk when the next thing the guy says stops him in his tracks. "wow Levi, you sure have guts, a weak human as a mate?...more reason you are not fit for the throne, wait till the council hears of this" he says with a smirk. A punch lands on his face from Levi. It was strikingly fast; I didn't even know when he had left me. Wait... That's not supposed to be humanly possible. The guy rubs his jaw, and his smirk increases; clearly, he is having so much fun messing with Levi and seems like I'm the only one who doesn't understand what they are talking about. "does she know?...That you are a vam..." he couldn't finish his words as Levi goes for another punch, but this time, he dodges it by an inch.

Levi is a what? Now I'm curious, and it seems like Levi doesn't want me to know. "Levi is a what?" I ask lowly as I racked my brain for a plausible answer. The guy suddenly appears in front of me, making me jump in fear, "vampire," he completes as he smiles wide and sharp fangs could be seen protruding out of his mouth. I scream and close my eyes. This can't be real... Or is it?. Vampires are fictional, right?... They can't be real, right? Ugh! This guy is definitely playing games with me. Maybe Levi paid him to prank me; knowing Levi, I wouldn't put it past him. I open my eyes with increasing sounds of punches and blows; Levi and the creepy guy are in an intense fight and what's more worrisome is that it isn't a normal fight. They are super fast that you could barely see who is winning.

For a second, when they paused, I saw Levi with pitch-black eyes and pointed fangs just like the creepy guy. I tried to assure myself that it was a prank, but my body shaking in fear, didn't agree. I decide to make a run for it just to be safe. Just then, Levi is thrown into a parked car, and the impact of his fall creates a big dent in the car. Woah, that's not normal, right? "Levi?..." I call out with a shaking voice. What if he was... No, he can't. I run towards the car as tears blur my eyes. The thought of Levi dying seems to shake me to my core... Like my other half was dying, and I realized that my life would be incomplete without him. Just before I could reach the car, the creepy guy appeared in front of me and took a swipe at my stomach with his sharp claw-like nails. His nails dig into my stomach, inciting a scream from me. It was like everything was happening in slow motion. As I clutch my stomach, the feel of warm liquid trickling down my hands and my vision becoming dark, I find myself falling, and I call for Levi with the little strength I can muster. The guy who was staring at me with a sick smile suddenly gasped in horror as he slumped to his death; behind him was Levi with a heart in his hands, and boy did he manage to still look breathtakingly hot. Right, I'm dying, Jasmine... Focus.

"Jas, are you okay?" Levi said as he rushed to my side with tearful eyes. His eyes were back to normal, and his enchanted orbs were a storm of fear, love, and anger. "well, half of my blood is on the ground, what do you think?" I chuckled painfully. My voice was hoarse, and I struggled to stay awake. I'm guessing my end is getting nearer. It's pretty sad, though, just when my world was turning upside down, and I'm just starting to see a different world. Like what the hell...vampires? My best friend for years has been a vampire. Sounds weird to even say it. "stay awake jas, don't fucking close your eyes. You are not leaving me. Stay awake for me," Levi cries out to me as he shakes me. Jeez, why is he shouting so much? Such a drama king. I try to roll my eyes, but it probably comes out as a squint in pain. "why didn't you tell me you are a vampire? You kept something so big away from me, you asshole," I say in a slur as it was becoming more difficult to speak or stay awake. "I'm so sorry jas; I'm so sorry. I promise to explain everything once you are better; please stay with me; I can't live without you" he chokes in sobs as he cradles me. If not that I was dying, I would have taken a picture to tease him till eternity. "I'll take you to the hospital, don't worry, I'll..." he rambles, but I cut him off and said, "it's too late, Levi; I can already see the light," I joke but I was the only one laughing. I wonder why...

"No, Jasmine, I won't let you leave me. You are my mate, my other half. I would literally go crazy without you...there is a way, I know a way" he pauses and looks into my eyes with the turmoil of pain moving in them. I only nodded for him to continue as it was hard to speak. He continues, "if I turn you into a vampire, you will live. You will heal faster once I turn you jas" his eyes were begging frantically; he was on the verge of losing his mind. I looked at him and stayed quiet for a while. "do it," I managed to say with my last strength. He searches my face for certainty, and he repeatedly nods as he bends my head to open my neck to him. He stops and turns me back to face him; he leans in and kisses me. His lips that I had dreamt of for so long were on mine, and I couldn't even do a happy dance to celebrate. "I love you," he says as he withdraws and bites into my neck with his fangs. Darkness immediately clouds my vision, and I fall into a deep sleep. "I love you too, Levi."

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